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Amsterdam Travel Outfit: outfit for rainy days

As I mentioned the other day, we didn't take a lot of outfit pictures when we were in Amsterdam due to the rain. I also didn't feel like dressing up or wearing anything worth taking pictures of. Saturday was the worst day as it was raining quite heavily the first half of the day.…

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New York Streetstyle: the Fringes Shirt

As I mentioned yesterday, this week I am sharing two more outfits from New York. You might have seen my second outfit yesterday (the first one was shared about a week ago), and today you'll see my third NYC outfit here on the blog. It still was quite warm in New York that day;…

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Leather Jacket casual chic styled

Happy Thursday everyone! Today is the last day at the office before we are driving to Hamburg tomorrow. We will be there for an event, I can't tell you more about at this point, but tomorrow I will take you along via Instagram Stories, so make sure to follow me and have a…

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Wearing a casual chic outfit at the office + Life Update

We actually didn't plan to take any outfit pictures that day. All I asked my boyfriend was to take one picture for Instagram, but he had so much fun taking the pictures and testing several locations, that I decided to use these pictures not only for Instagram but also for the blog. It…

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Floral Summer Dress combined with Black Sneakers

Happy Friday everyone! After sharing an autumn outfit as well as an outfit for the interim period the last days, it is time for another summer outfit. Summer is coming to an end, but we still have some very warm and sunny days on which we can wear our summer dresses without freezing. I…

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A striped shirt with that certain something

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you had a great start into this new week and survived the first two days without incident. As to me, it has been a very productive week so far. My boyfriend is still in Miami and to be honest; I miss him a lot. Even though he's away for…

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Dress with Bird Print

And it's Friday again. Wait, what?! This week went by pretty fast - again! I have so much work to get done at the moment, and so many things are happening, one week feels like a couple of days only. Not that I want to complain about that, because I love having a…

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Striped Shirt x Black Dress

Happy Wednesday everyone! After a super exciting day in Dusseldorf yesterday, I am back in Berlin today, and that means I am back to work. Well, I am starting the day with a yoga session, but afterwards, I will drive to the office to get as much work as possible done before the…

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