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Snorkeling in Indonesia

I've been thinking a lot about what I could write about in my two last posts with pictures from Gorontalo. And I figured that it might be nice to talk a bit about this place in Indonesia as well as one of the things I was doing every day there: snorkeling. Most people only…

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Gorontalo Vacation Outfit: Black Beach Dress

I am back in Berlin and ready to share all the pictures and videos from our time in Gorontalo and Bali. At the moment, I am a bit overwhelmed as it's just too much content and my head is filled with too many things I want to work on, get done and start.…

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week #36 2018

Blog Posts and Youtube Videos of the Week Okay, this section is going to be pretty empty this week. Neither did I share a new blog post here nor did I publish a new video on Youtube. The reason? As I mentioned in my last weekly recap, I got sick last weekend. I wasn't…

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Preview : Fashion Week Outfit: White Boho Dress and Platform Sneakers

Fashion Week Outfit: White Boho Dress and Platform Sneakers

It's a new week and time to share the last outfits from Berlin Fashion Week. I have two outfits left I want to share with you this week, and both are looks you can not only wear for fashion week but also in your everyday life. I mentioned before that it is more important…

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Travel Outfit: Leo Print Skirt and Platform Sneakers

This week I am sharing the last pictures from Greece before it is time for content from Italy. Since I reduced the number of posts per week, it takes much longer to share everything from you. Whenever we are travelling, we take a lot of pictures and shoot almost every outfit. Due to…

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