Preview : Instagram Fashion Blog

Instagram Fashion Blog

In 2013 I already signed up on Instagram. At that time Instagram was simply for linking up with friends from school and people from your personal environment- today the platform means a lot more for me. Today is not just a web fashion blog but also an Instagram fashion blog. Instagram is my,…

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Content Creator Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle

Blogger, Influencer, Content Creator - many terms, one professional field. As a blogger and influencer, Jacky from is also a content creator, and of the three mentioned, this term probably describes her work best. In the following, we would like to take a closer look at the term and explain what our work as…

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Preview : Content Creator Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle

Cooperation opportunities

Influencer marketing is an integral part of the marketing mix. Cooperation with influencers, bloggers and content creators offers companies and brands great opportunities to reach the target group online and in person. We at would also like to help you with this and offer various cooperation opportunities as part of influencer marketing.

Preview : Travel and Lifestyle

Travel and Lifestyle

In addition to fashion, another great passion of blogger Jacky is traveling. As a young girl, she always dreamt of traveling the world, and years later, she made this dream come true. Of course, she always takes you along her trips, records her experiences, takes a lot of photos, videos, and writes about them. She shares a lot of travel diaries as well as travel recommendations with you here on the blog. Traveling is an essential part of their lifestyle.

However, there's more to her lifestyle than just traveling. When Jacky is not traveling, she shares her Berlin lifestyle with you. In this case, lifestyle is all about general activities, food, sports, and mindset.