There is much to discover regarding jeans trends in the coming year, from brand-new models and cuts to cool details and exciting combination possibilities. No matter the season, the jeans trends in 2024 have something to offer all year round and belong in everyone’s wardrobe. And you don’t have to be a fashionista for that.

If you are already looking forward to the upcoming jeans trends, you will not be disappointed in 2024. There are many new models and styles to discover for women and men. Here, we will focus mainly on women’s fashion, but many trendy styles are also unisex wearable.

The new jeans trends are perfect for every lifestyle and every season. Instagram is full of inspiration on how to combine the new pants best – or you can simply check out our Fashion Looks category here on the blog. Whether you prefer a classic or trendy look, there is something for everyone in the 2024 trends!

This post will introduce you to seven different jeans trends you must know this year. These include Column Jeans, Bootcut Jeans, Statement Jeans, Cargo Jeans, Cream Jeans, and Cuffed Jeans. We will also give you some general tips on styling jeans throughout the year.

The significance of jeans in the fashion world

Jeans have been an essential part of the fashion world for decades and will continue to be a staple in our wardrobes in the future. The jeans trends in 2024 bring new models and styles that highlight the versatility of jeans because not all jeans are created equal.

Jeans are particularly popular among women; there are countless ways to combine them and create your look. Denim elevates every outfit and creates a casual yet stylish look. Whether in winter or summer, jeans are always in style!

In recent years, the fashion world has undergone significant changes, and so has the significance of jeans as part of outfits. In the past, jeans were considered casual leisurewear that was rarely worn in the office or for formal occasions. Today, jeans are represented in almost all areas of fashion and are often worn for more formal events as well. The variety of cuts, colors, and washes has grown enormously, and there is a suitable model for every taste.

Jeans are no longer just a simple piece of clothing; they are an essential part of outfits and can look both casual and elegant depending on the combination. We will tell you which jeans are absolutely on-trend in 2024.

Trend 1: Column Jeans

Among the many other jeans trends seen on the streets and social media this year, there is a very special one: Column Jeans. These pants are form-fitting and have a straight fit that is perfect for women who want to emphasize their figure. Column Jeans are also ideal for the colder seasons, as they can be perfectly combined with boots. And when it’s warmer outside, high heels or even flip-flops are a good choice with Column Jeans.

This jeans trend has many different models and colors – from classic denim to new shades like cream or black. In general, Column Jeans are super easy to combine and can be styled both chic and casual due to their straight cut. They are an absolute all-rounder when it comes to outfits.

Combined with a simple white t-shirt and sneakers, you create a casual look that is perfect for everyday wear. You can combine Column Jeans with a blouse and pumps if you prefer something more elegant. An oversized sweater in combination with Column Jeans creates a cozy and stylish look. Add some chunky boots, and your winter outfit is complete. For the perfect autumn look, you can combine this jeans model with a cool leather jacket. You can choose the shoes according to the weather. As you can see, Column Jeans work all year round.

Trend 2: Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut Jeans are another jeans trend that you should take advantage of in 2024. These classic jeans are familiar to everyone, as they are not entirely new. They have a flared leg cut and are reminiscent of the fashion of the 70s. This year, Bootcut Jeans come in different washes and colors, upgrading this classic model.

Bootcut Jeans create a flattering silhouette and make you appear taller. Therefore, they are often popular among shorter women. Combined with high heels, you get an elegant look. With flat shoes, on the other hand, you create a more casual outfit with Bootcut Jeans.

As the name suggests, these jeans are made to be worn with boots. Therefore, they are especially suitable for the colder months of the year. But they can also be integrated into your outfits in spring and summer. Just give it a try.

Trend 3: Statement Jeans

In 2024, jeans trends are all about making a statement. What does that mean? Your favorite jeans cuts now come with eye-catching details such as embroidery or prints. We could see exciting washes, sequins, pearls, and striking patches on the world’s runways. Anything that screams statement is allowed!

With statement jeans, you can make every outfit an absolute eye-catcher. Whether you go all-in and make the rest of your outfit stand out or stick to basics, you are definitely on-trend in any case.

Not sure how to integrate this eye-catcher into your everyday outfits? Here are three specific outfit ideas for you:

1. Combine your statement jeans with a simple t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look. Add cool accessories like sunglasses or a shoulder bag to complete the outfit.

2. If you want to look more elegant, wear your statement jeans with a blouse or a shirt and high heels. A clutch or a small handbag will give the look the finishing touch.

3. For a trendy streetstyle look, you can combine your statement jeans with a crop top and boots. Add a leather jacket to complete the outfit. And remember accessories like cool sunglasses.

Trend 4: Cargo Jeans

Another exciting jeans trend for women in 2024 is Cargo Jeans. These pants perfectly combine comfort and style, offering a casual look with practical pockets. Cargo Jeans are a new model in the world of denim fashion and can already be seen by many fashionistas on Instagram.

Cargo Jeans are characterized by their many pockets and patch elements. Since they offer so much storage space for various items, they were initially worn mainly by people in manual professions. It was only in the 1990s that cargo jeans became increasingly popular in civilian fashion and have since become a staple in many wardrobes.

Cargo Jeans are a versatile choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and casual look. There are many ways to wear these pants.

You can combine your cargo jeans with an oversized t-shirt, a tight longsleeve, or a baby tee for a simple outfit. If it’s a bit cooler outside, you can wear a leather jacket or a hoodie over them.

For a slightly more elegant look, you can combine cargo jeans with a sheer blouse or a chic top. A blazer can also be added to make the outfit even more elegant. Add delicate shoes, with or without heels, as a contrast, and the chic look with cargo jeans is complete.

For the ultimate streetwear look, you can combine cargo jeans with an oversized hoodie and chunky sneakers. Add accessories like a cool cap or sunglasses to complete the outfit.

Trend 5: Cream Jeans

When it comes to colors, one stands out among the jeans trends in 2024: cream. The creamy look is new and refreshing and offers an alternative to classic blue jeans or black pants.

You can get each trendy jeans model in this color this year. It may not be the best choice for winter, but cream jeans will be the must-have for spring and summer. The beauty of the cream color is that it is so easy and versatile to combine. Neutrality knows no bounds. Whether plain colors or bright and colorful ones, cream jeans can be easily combined with anything.

Trend 6: Cuffed Jeans

Cuffed jeans, or rolled-up jeans, are a popular variation of classic jeans. They are characterized by folding the leg hem upwards, creating a casual look. There are cuffed variations in various jean cuts, such as boyfriend jeans or straight-leg jeans. You can also find cuffed versions of baggy jeans this year. So you don’t have to buy a new pair of jeans if you want to try this trend. If you have a pair of jeans with a slightly too long leg in your closet, it’s perfect for cuffing the hem and following the trend.

Cuffed jeans are a great way to add a casual touch to your look. You can combine them in many ways to create an outfit that suits you perfectly. If you’re unsure how to combine cuffed jeans, start with a jeans look you already like and feel comfortable in. But this time, roll up the leg hem and see how it looks. Try different shoe options like boots, sneakers, or sandals, and complete the look with cool accessories and jewelry.

General tips for styling jeans

We have already given you some ideas for styling the new jeans trends, but here are some general tips so that you no longer stand in front of your closet and don’t know how to combine your jeans. Jeans are a versatile piece of clothing that is easy to combine. Almost any top goes well with jeans, from T-shirts to shirts to blouses and sweaters. Jackets like leather jackets, bomber jackets, and blazers also look great in combination with jeans. As accessories, belts in different colors and styles are suitable for emphasizing the waist. Jewelry such as bracelets and earrings can also be worn to add a personal touch to the outfit. You can always choose shoes and bags to match the rest of the look, and here, anything goes, from sneakers to high heels to chunky boots.