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How to wear an off-shoulder overall in winter

The week is coming to an end, and as I promised at the beginning of the week, I will start sharing content from Cape Town next week. But this week was all about winter outfits and looks I was wearing during as well as after Berlin Fashion Week and just before our travel…

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Black Velvet Bomber

Happy Wednesday everyone! Half of the week is almost over, and even though I'm looking forward to the weekend, I could also need some extra days to get all the work done. Last week it looked like I would have a full week at the office, but this week turned out to be super…

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Green Bomber Jacket, Black Jeans

Happy Tuesday folks! I'm flying to Morocco in two days and are so looking forward to it! Can't wait to spend some days in the sun, surfing and exploring a place I haven't been so far. Of course, I'll also take a lot of pictures for you guys, but for now, I only…

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Christmas is over and the year is coming to an end

I wanted to share this post yesterday, but unfortunately, we just took these outfit pictures yesterday, and I didn't want to share a post without pictures ;) The weather was everything but ideally to take new outfit pictures, it was rainy and super windy (almost stormy). It was still rainy and windy yesterday,…

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Blue Sole

It's just Thursday, but I feel as if I'm already over a full week. I'm on the run all the day, and if I'm not, I'm sitting at the office working on new posts, projects and other stuff. When I said I had a busy week the past weeks, this week is even…

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Cami x Turtleneck

Before I start talking about the outfit I'm sharing with you today, I want to tell you about a very cool contest. Those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook might have already seen it: the Ultimate Photoshoot competition by Huawei. Taking part is pretty easy, you just have to upload a picture on…

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Dress in Star Print

It's Thursday already, and I could definitely need some more days this week to get everything done that's on my To-Do-List. Time goes by so fast; Christmas is coming closer and the year is almost over. I'm so happy we're flying to Sri Lanka on the 2nd of January, I really need to start…

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Summer Dress Underneath

I'm pretty bored of all my autumn outfits because they look all the same: sweater, t-shirt or top and a pair of jeans. Of course, I'm wearing different clothes and choose different combinations, but all these outfits look very similar. And whenever I'm bored of the clothes I'm wearing, I take a look in…

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