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Wearing a red coat in winter

It's been over a week since I came back from Cape Town and I promised you, that I have quite a lot of content from this trip I would share on the blog. But I also still have some photos from the days before our travel to Cape Town, and as it is…

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How to wear a dress in winter

It is not a secret that I always prefer summer and summer outfits over winter. I also like most of my summer clothes better than winter clothes, and that's why I am trying to wear some of the summer clothes even in winter. The challenge here is to create a winter outfit with…

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Bag Trend 2019: Why you need a transparent bag

When I put together this outfit, I didn't think of anything, in particular, I could write about when sharing the outfit pictures on the blog. Back at the office, I thought about it for a little while, and a few things came to my mind while looking at this outfit: the perfect winter outfit,…

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Winter Outfit: Styling a Burberry Button-down Shirt

At the end of the past year, I started sorting out my wardrobe a little bit. I decided to buy less but better clothes. I also started browsing through a couple of online shops that sell vintage clothes and found a Burberry Trench Coat I shared with you a couple of weeks ago as…

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How I style my linen dress with button down front in summer

After all the Fashion Week content it is time to come back to everyday life and outfits I either wear at the office or on the weekends. Not that I wouldn't wear the outfits I was wearing during Berlin Fashion Week on a daily basis, but I think you know what I am…

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Fashion Week Outfit: White Boho Dress and Platform Sneakers

It's a new week and time to share the last outfits from Berlin Fashion Week. I have two outfits left I want to share with you this week, and both are looks you can not only wear for fashion week but also in your everyday life. I mentioned before that it is more important…

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Fashion Week Outfit: white dress with polka-dots

Have you already seen the first Fashion Week outfit? If not, make sure to check it out and come back right afterwards to this post to get all the details about my second Fashion Week outfit. ;) I actually didn't plan on sharing all the outfits in chronological order, but the outfit I was…

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Fashion Advice: denim with button down detail

Happy Tuesday from Amsterdam guys! Today is my second day in this beautiful city, as you might know, but I won't share pictures from here today. Instead, I prepared two outfit posts - one for today and one for tomorrow -, so it won't get boring here on the blog while I am once…

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