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Wearing Denim on Denim in Paris

Happy Friday, guys! Before I continue sharing content from my current travel, I still have some photos from Paris I want to share with you. You might remember that I got the chance to travel to Paris end of September and even though I hadn't planned to take photos for the blog at all,…

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Combining an oversized shirt with a crop top and boyfriend jeans

It feels so surreal that it is already October and summer is completely over. Now you can also see it in the streets as the trees are changing the colour of the leaves and it also is getting colder and colder. The temperature stays below 20°C, and it's raining a lot. But at the…

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Adding a pop of orange to an all-black outfit

Before I continue sharing my outfits from Copenhagen Fashion Week, I quickly want to share this outfit I was wearing in Berlin a few weeks ago. I'd totally forgotten that I have these outfit photos and found them while I was cleaning up my hard drive a little bit. I actually don't know…

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Color Blocking: Combining purple and yellow

The first outfit I shared from Copenhagen Fashion Week was the first outfit I was wearing on our last day there. And today I want to share the second outfit I was wearing that day. If you have already seen the first outfit, you might know that I first wanted to wear something different…

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Combining Cycling Shorts with an oversized Shirt

Summer is back in Berlin, and we are finally coming to the more summery outfits I was wearing during the Berlin Fashion Week beginning of July. Actually, the weather during BFW was perfect as it wasn't too warm neither too cold and just right for being on the go all day having several…

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How to style a neon top

Let's continue with what we ended last with: lots of Fashion Week outfits. I already shared two of the outfits I was wearing during Berlin Fashion Week last week and I still have six outfits left I want to share within the next two or three weeks. I also might share some more…

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Casual Outfit: black pants and shirt with floral print

I promise I will share more summery outfits starting next week, but for today I have one more outfit with a pair of pants for colder summer days I want to share with you. I was wearing this outfit not too long ago because in between all the really warm and sunny days, we…

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How to wear a utility vest

I've mostly shared all the photos I had taken during my last trips to Costa Rica, Los Angeles and Mallorca and everything that's left from the travels is nothing I want to share on the blog at this point. It's mostly random outfit photos we took, but I don't have enough of them to…

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