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Combining a white shirt with a bikini top in Bali

Before another week is over, I want to share one more outfit post with you guys. The days here in Bali are going by so fast, and I am trying to enjoy them to the fullest. We are actually not doing a lot, but it's all about the perfect balance of work and relaxation…

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How to style: wearing striped pants

Happy Wednesday everyone! I can't believe it's already mid-week and that tomorrow is the last day at the office this week. Easter holidays are just around the corner, and we will probably take it a bit easier and work from home instead of driving to the office on Friday. So it's going to be…

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How to wear a red coat

On gloomy days, all we need is a pop of colour to brighten up the mood. It actually works, and that's why I really enjoy wearing red clothes at the moment. Spring still hasn't arrived in Berlin, and it just snowed last week. I am a summer child, and I get in a…

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Oslo Runway Outfit: Plaid Pants and White Denim Jacket

About three weeks ago I came back from Oslo, and I already shared everything about our four nights in this beautiful city. I also shared all the outfits I was wearing during Oslo Runway except one and today's post is all about that one last outfit I haven't shared on the blog so…

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Oslo Runway Outfit: Red Bag combined with an all black Look

And another good morning from New York! :) Well, I am probably still sleeping while you are reading this, but let's pretend it was already morning in New York. I prepared and scheduled this post on my way to New York because I knew, we would be out and about almost all day…

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Oslo Runway Outfit: A casual chic way to wear a red puffer jacket

Good morning from New York! Those who follow me on Instagram might already know that I arrived in beautiful New York yesterday. I am super excited about this trip, and I can't wait to share everything about it with you, but first of all, I want to continue sharing the outfits I was wearing…

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