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My Office Outfit with Straight Leg Jeans

End of November and after some very sunny and quite warm weeks, the temperatures dropped, and at a moment's notice it feels and looks like winter in Berlin. Not the beautiful kind of winter when everything is covered in snow, the kind of winter when it's just dark and grey outside. This doesn't…

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Autumn Trend: Cowboy Boots

I've talked about this autumn trend before, but in today's post, I want to share a few more details as well as styling tips. The trend I am talking about? Cowboy Boots! I've always wanted a pair of cowboy boots - before it became such a big trend -, but when something isn't in…

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How to wear a military overall this autumn

Happy Wednesday guys! I know, I promised I would share the restaurant guide for Bali on Monday, but I didn't have the time to finish is the past weekend and that's why you have to wait a little longer. But not sharing the guide doesn't mean that I am not sharing anything else. Yesterday…

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Casual Chic Autumn Outfit: Leo Print Skirt and Cardigan

Happy Thursday guys! How do you like seeing autumn outfits here on the blog instead of Bali content? I actually do like it a lot even though I loved all the Bali pictures and I am missing this island a lot. But sharing outfits that are more suitable for the current weather situation makes…

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How to wear snake print this autumn

Autumn did not only arrive in Germany, but it also arrived on the blog, and from now on I am sharing no more outfits from Bali and just autumn outfits. Well, I will share one last post that is Bali-related these upcoming days, but it won't be an outfit. As you might know,…

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Casual Chic Autumn Outfit: Baggy Pants and Blazer

Happy Friday everyone! As I mentioned earlier this week, I do not only have a few photos from Bali left; we also took pictures of some autumn outfits for the blog. Yesterday I shared a travel outfit I would wear in spring and autumn, and today I am sharing a casual chic autumn outfit…

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Plateau Shoes: one way to style the It-Piece

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is coming closer, and I am sure some of you might need an outfit inspiration, don't you? :) As I mentioned yesterday, today I want to share another outfit in which I combined one of my new plateau shoes. This time I am not sharing an outfit with plateau…

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Spring Outfit Idea: Dress, Overknee Boots and Beltbag

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is coming closer, and I am sure you guys can't wait for it to begin. :) I am sure you have some exciting plans for the upcoming two days, and whatever you will be up to, I am sharing an outfit inspiration today that may suit your plans for…

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