If you have seen my other posts from Copenhagen Fashion Week, you might already know that it kind of was all about colours. Not only today but also last week I was wearing a colour blocking outfit and I promised you; I would share a few things you need to know when you want to style a colour blocking outfit yourself. So that’s what today’s outfit post will be all about. And I think that this outfit is even better qualified for sharing my tips on how to create a colour blocking outfit than the one I shared last week. I would say, let’s jump right into the topic:

How to style a colour blocking outfit

If you want to style a colour blocking outfit, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, you need to know that there are different forms of colour-blocked outfits:
– the monochromatic colour blocking outfits where you work with different shades of one colour
– the contrasty colour blocking outfits where you work with at least two different colours.

When I am talking about colour blocking outfits, I am talking about the contrasty ones as these were the ones I was wearing when I was in Copenhagen for Fashion Week. I also think, that it is more difficult to put together a contrasty colour-blocked outfit than a monochromatic one and that’s why I will focus on them in this post.

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For these kinds of colour-blocked outfits, it is important to know that not all colours will work perfectly together. But you are usually doing it right when you are working with complementary colours. You could also try colours that are located next to each other on the basic colour wheel. So for the first colour blocking outfit, I shared from Copenhagen, I was putting together complementary colours and for the second one – the one you can see me wearing here – I worked with analogous colours, colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel.

Generally said, if you want to create a colour blocking outfit, all you need is the colour wheel and decide whether you want to work with complementary or analogous colours. 🙂

Orange Sweater combined with purple skirt

When you check the colour wheel, you will see that purple and orange are very close to each other. Only red is in between them. That’s why this outfit counts as an analogous colour-blocked outfit. Both colours are very bright, and it definitely is a bolder colour blocking outfit than the other one I was wearing, but still, I do like it a lot and felt very comfortable wearing it. Nevertheless, I decided to keep it simple to finalise the outfit and added a pair of black boots, a black clutch as well as black sunglasses.

I will definitely try to create more colour blocking outfits soon and to make them a bit more suitable for your daily life than this one here. But first, let me know how you like this look and what you think about colour-blocked outfits in general. I am looking forward to your feedback. xx

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