This week doesn’t seem to be my week as nothing works out as planned, but this didn’t bring me from working on new blog posts. It is one of my priorities this week as I skipped too many weeks without sharing new posts already. The year is coming to an end, and there’s still so much I want to share with you. It’s not only the content from Bali, but it’s also a lot of Christmas and New Year’s related stuff. I have to get everything from Bali online so that I can start sharing other things with you 😉

I hope that you’re not yet bored from all the summerly content and that you just can’t get enough. I want you to get away from your everyday life for at least a few minutes when looking at these photos. 🙂 So today, I am sharing another outfit I was wearing in Bali with you. I was wearing it the first week there just in front of our villa. You might remember this place if you’ve been following me for a while now and know some of the photos I shared last year. We stayed at the exact same vila before and have taken photos in these rice fields before, as well. 🙂

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Combining snake print shorts with black boots and an oversized blazer

Whenever I am at a place like Bali, I feel like wearing the most simple looks, such as denim shorts and a white shirt or a flowy black dress. But as you might know by now, I tried to change things a little bit and brought more eye-catching clothes with me. I wanted to bring the kind of summer outfit I would wear in Berlin and recreate them for my time in Bali. I do love contrasts and wearing a city summer outfit in a place like Bali is a lot of contrasts 😉

The day I was wearing this outfit, we met up with friends for dinner and just took a few outfit photos before heading out. I decided to wear a pair of snake print shorts from Zimmermann, that are definitely an eye-catching piece, and combined them with a simple white crop top. To add a few more city vibes to this outfit, I put on my black Dr. Martens Boots as well as my oversized Balmain Blazer (the vintage one I found in Paris in September).

I have to admit that I didn’t wear the blazer for dinner, in the end. I had it with me, just in case, but it was a very warm night in Bali and the blazer ended up staying in the scooter.

This outfit couldn’t be more of an outfit I would wear in Berlin. And I love how contrasty it is to the rice fields. If you are looking for outfit inspiration for your next vacation and you like a pair of snake print shorts, but don’t want to combine it with boots and a blazer, you can quickly transform this look into a more “chill look.” To do so, I would wear a pair of sandals or flip flops instead of the boots, bring an oversized, loose sweater in a light color such as creme or white, and maybe even wear a very loose t-shirt instead of the crop top. But you could also go with a crop top if you feel comfortable in it. Let me know how you like this look and if you would wear it on vacation or exchange a few pieces. 😉

*Ad, brands named – Vintage Balmain Blazer || American Apparel Top || Zimmermann Shorts via Farfetch || Dr. Martens Boots

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