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Winter Fur

This year is almost over, and I have only two more outfits to share with you in 2015. But don't worry, there are so much more to come in 2016. ;) Since it's getting a little bit colder in Berlin - well, it's still too warm for December and winter - it's a little bit…

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Finally Friday! Time to address myself to the most important tasks to get them done before the weekend begins. This weekend is a very special one because turns four on Sunday. I can't believe it has been already four years! I'll prepare a detailed post about this event for Sunday, recapping the past year…

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Culottes? Yes, please!

As I already told you yesterday, I'm sharing my first outfit wearing culottes today. First I wasn't sure about this trend; I thought this kind of pants wouldn't suit me. But I saw so many beautiful looks, I just had to buy a pair myself. It took me a while to find culottes I actually…

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Day 4

It's over! No more events and no more shows for this season. It was an exhausting but exciting week and I don't know, if I'm happy or sad that it's over now. Anyways, it's not over on the blog, because I still have some outfits as well as my favourite looks from the shows I…

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When the sun is out

Are there any negative things you associate with summer and sunshine? When I think about summer only positive things are crossing my mind: warm temperatures, sunshine, summer clothes, beer gardens, parks and other locations, where I can spend my time outside as well as so much more. What do you associate with summer and of…

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It’s so fluffy

Summer still haven't arrived, but that's okay as long as the sun is shining. :) I had the chance to wear summery outfits during my stay in Australia and I'm more than happy that I'm able to wear some spring outfits here in Berlin, since I really love this season. Fluffy Long Cardigan When I…

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UGG Boots – even in spring

I love spring! What I like best about this season? All the blooming flowers and trees, the colours this season brings with it and the weather that is getting better and better. :) I love being outsite breathing the fresh air and enjoying those first sunbeams after all the winter months. Well, I didn't really…

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Green Paradise

As you probably have seen on my Instagram and Facebook account, we're not in Airlie Beach anymore. We left this little town on Thursday and flew to Brisbane, where we're staying until Sunday. But I still have a some posts from Airlie Beach, well from the Whitsundays, to share with you. :) The pictures of…

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