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Sweater Weather

I already told you yesterday, that it is getting colder every day here in Berlin and that yesterday's outfit was the last one with bare arms for a while.. It's sweater weather in Berlin, so it's time to store all the summer clothes away and to get the winter clothes out. For this outfit, I…

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Yankees – Majestic Athletic

Another week is about to end and I hope you'll enjoy this last day of the week, since Sundays are made for relaxation and to recharge our batteries. Do you have any special plans or will you just stay at home, because last night was a little bit too wild and long? ;) Yankees Baseball…

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Swing Dress

Happy Monday and happy new week, folks! :) I hope you enjoyed your weekend to the fullest. Let's start this new week with another outfit post we shot for you last week on a warm but cloudy day. Swing Dress in Leopard Print Evidently, I really like the leopard print. I own several garments in…

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Boyfriend Jeans & Blazer

In case you didn't know, I have a loooong weekend this week. Tomorrow is an offical holiday, so I won't go to work or do anything else. I'm really happy to have these tree days off after an exhausting week full of work. :) But of course we'll take full advantage of our days off.…

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Coral Cove

Happy Saturday folks, I hope you're enjoying your weekend! :) I'm currently packing my bags again, because we're leaving Brisbane tomorrow morning to start our little road trip down to Sydney. Our first stop? Byron Bay! I still have a lot of posts to share with you, so let's continue with another one from the…

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Opera House

(#tbt) It's not Thursday, but it's time for a throwback to last week when I was in Sydney. When in Sydney the Opera House is one of the MUST SEE's, so it's no wonder that I had to take pictures at this place, is it? ;) So this outfit is my last one shot in…

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Royal National Park

After two really rainy days, the last day was sunny again - thank's god! So we took advantage of it and drove to the Royal National Park. After a couple of hours at the Royal National Park, we were really exhausted and decided to drive to Cronulla, where we had lunch/dinner and lay on the…

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Beach Walk

Finally, finally, finally! My boyfriend is coming today and while you're reading this I'm probably on my way to the airport or I already picked him up :D So we're finally reunited after two months! One of the things I'll definitely to together with him is the Beach Walk from Bondi to Coogee. Well, we'll…

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