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You guys know how much I love summer and how hard it is to say goodbye and to get ready for the upcoming autumn and winter season for me. But luckily, the weather in Berlin has been amazing the past days, and it almost felt like summer. Nevertheless, I am currently getting ready for autumn when it comes to my outfits, and that’s actually a thing I do like about the change of seasons.

I recently teamed up with eBay Fashion to find new trend pieces for the autumn season and to put together an autumn outfit for you guys. And by reading the title, you will know what trend piece I found: cowboy boots! I wanted to have a pair of cowboy boots for a long time, but never found a pair I really liked, and that wasn’t too expensive. But now that I finally got cowboy boots, I will probably wear them a lot during autumn and maybe even winter. How I would combine them? Find one example in the following:

How to wear cowboy boots

When I browsed through eBay Fashion, I did not only find Cowboy Boots but a complete autumn outfit. I had a few outfit combinations for my new cowboy boots in mind, and since the weather still is quite warm, I went for the one with the dress. I went for a white dress, because it is the perfect piece for summer as well as autumn. I do love wearing white clothes in summer, but due to the long sleeves, I can also wear it on warm autumn days.

What to wear in autumn
how to wear a dress in autumn
outfit from eBay Fashion

In addition to the dress I also opted for a trench coat. It is no secret that I wear a lot of trench coats in autumn and spring, and I think it matches the outfit perfectly. I decided to get a very oversized trench coat, so I could wear several layers underneath in case I want to wear it on colder days. Also, I do like everything oversized, and I think it’s a perfect match with the dress. How do you like this autumn outfit? And what do you think about the cowboy boots trend? Will you get a pair for yourself?

Autumn outfit from eBay Fashion

As I mentioned before, I teamed up with eBay Fashion to put together this autumn outfit. I started using eBay years ago, sold and bought a few things there. I do like this platform as you can find pieces that are already sold out or some vintage treasures. But what I didn’t know is, that around 80 percent of the products sold on eBay are new. In addition to this, most products can be bought without bidding for them.

What is special about eBay Fashion is their landing page. There you will always find the latest trends, best offers and highlights on eBay. They update the landing page regularly, so you will always find something new there. And to make it even easier to find exactly what you want and need, you can use their filters.

When was the last time you bought something on eBay?

Outfit found at eBay Fashion

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