The loafer is once again very popular this year. Therefore, this blog post is all about the perfect loafer styling for the warm season. We provide you with more information about the trend and share creative ways to combine this trending shoe with different outfits.

The Loafer Trend SS24

The loafer is once again very popular this year. Therefore, this blog post is all about the perfect loafer styling for the warm season. We provide you with more information about the trend and share creative ways to combine this trending shoe with different outfits.

The Loafer Trend SS24

The loafer is one of the absolute classics among all shoe styles. It’s no wonder it consistently manages to make it to the hottest trends. This also applies to the SS24 season. We already introduced you to the loafers regarding the spring trends for this year and are happy that they will continue to be very popular in the summer.

It’s hardly surprising that we still see loafers everywhere. This classic is absolutely comfortable and can be easily combined. The loafer fits any outfit, from elegant and chic to casual and even sporty.

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Why loafers are the perfect addition to your summer outfit

Loafers are not only super comfortable but also highly versatile. Especially for summer, they are the perfect addition to any outfit. Whether you combine them with an airy blouse and chic shorts or a lightweight maxi dress, loafers immediately give your look an elegant and classic touch. Their timeless design simply goes well with everything and ensures that you always look stylish, no matter where the day takes you. So, if you haven’t jumped on the loafer trend yet, it’s high time! Below are some styling options for the loafer shoe trend.

Loafer Styling: Classic and elegant combination

Since loafers are classic shoes, they are naturally easiest to combine in a classic, elegant way. For example, a chic pair of trousers and a blouse provide a timeless and stylish appearance. But loafers also look enchanting with a pencil skirt or a sheath dress. Don’t forget to complete your outfit with subtle accessories, such as an elegant watch or a delicate necklace. This will give your look an extra dose of elegance and class. Loafers in fine leather perfectly suit this style and add a sophisticated touch.

Loafer Styling: Casual and relaxed for a leisurely look

You can combine the classic slip-ons with a loose pair of jeans or shorts and a casual t-shirt for a more casual leisure look. The leather of the loafers adds a touch of elegance to the outfit while you spend the day in absolute comfort. For an additional touch of coolness, you can even wear some socks with your loafers – a trend that is increasingly popular among beauty and fashion lovers. With this relaxed style, you are ready to enjoy the summer to the fullest without sacrificing style. Add some cool accessories, such as a sporty pair of sunglasses and a large tote bag, and you are ready for the day.

Loafer Styling: Boho-Chic for a playful touch

The last fashion week season has shown that boho chic will make a comeback. So why not integrate the upcoming trend into your everyday looks already and combine it with a current trend? Combine your classic loafers with a maxi dress in a floral print or a loose tunic in earth tones. Don’t forget to accessorize with fringe bags or statement earrings to complete the look. The boho style is ideal for relaxed summer evenings and gives you a casual elegance.

Loafer Styling: Business Casual for the perfect office look

As a classic shoe, the loafer is perfect for your office look. And on top of that, business casual is currently very trendy. How about a cool three-piece suit consisting of a pair of chic trousers, a blazer, and a matching vest paired with your loafers? Or you can style your loafers with a maxi or pencil skirt and a stylish blouse. You can wear both looks not only perfectly for work but also in everyday life. You only need a few accessories, such as a chic and practical bag that fits everything you need for the day.

Loafer Styling: Sporty and trendy for an active day

It may seem a bit unusual at first glance, but loafers can also be styled sporty. They go well with leggings and cool socks, as well as with trendy jogging pants. For the top, you can wear an oversized sweater or hoodie for the ultimate comfortable look, or opt for contrasts and wear a chic top or even a blazer. It’s the contrasts that make your loafer look exciting and create an unexpected outfit that will surely attract all eyes.

Loafer Styling: Adding elegant accents with metallic loafers

As you now know, metallic is an absolute trend. Therefore, there are currently many cool loafers available with a metallic look. You may be a bit skeptical about integrating this flashy version of the loafer into your outfits, but it’s pretty simple. Just like any other loafer style. Metallic loafers can be combined casually as well as elegantly to elevate each of your outfits.

We love to combine metallic loafers with grey jeans or as an accent to a black two-piece or even a three-piece suit. The combination possibilities are endless; depending on your daring, you can keep it simple or make it more striking.

Your perfect summer outfit with loafers – Stylish and comfortable through the warm season

So, are you convinced that loafers are the perfect shoe for your summer outfits in 2024? Whether you want to style them classically elegant, casually relaxed, or with a touch of Boho-Chic, loafers are versatile companions for every occasion. They give you the opportunity to experiment with colors and patterns to give your look a personal touch. And if you like it a bit more daring, be sure to try the trend of metallic loafers for elegant accents or go for sporty contrast looks for an active day. With the right loafers, you can not only stroll comfortably through the summer but also look stylish and trendy. We hope you have fun styling.