The most beautiful day in life for most people is the wedding day. And that all along the line. What makes this day so unique is not just saying yes and the whole ceremony but the organization around the wedding and the attunement with the associated anticipation. Of course, this includes picking out the perfect wedding dress with all the trimmings. Best accompanied by the best friend or the maid of honor – often in a personal union – this alone is already an actual event. And the best thing about it? In bridal fashion, too, there is so much going on every season, and there are endless new things to discover and try. It’s a good idea to browse the internet in advance and get inspired by the latest trends and possible looks. Here, together with Omoda, we present the current trends for 2023 and show how to set the scene with them skillfully, what you can combine, and what alternatives are available.

Bridal fashion trend 2023 – beautiful again and again

Of course, there are the tried and true classics that adorn the bride on her wedding day and give her a sense of specialness on the big day. However, sometimes these are reminiscent of an oversized cream meringue and make the graceful bride disappear into them more than they crown her in all her glory. So why not try something new and more daring? The bridal fashion for this season is peppered with lots of extravagance and transparent fabrics, which completely follow the motto “less is more.” Bridal fashion is also allowed to be sexy and provocative. There are wedding dresses with many sheer inserts – or the naked style, where practically nothing remains hidden. Among the trends for 2023, you will find short wedding dresses in true mini fashion as well as wide capes, which can replace the traditional veil quite excellently. Dresses with XXL leg slits can be found on the catwalks around the Bridal Fashion as well as elegant slip and charming off-shoulder dresses. Or how about a classy two-piece? Boho dresses are also part of the 2023 season and are particularly beautiful.

Dresses with XXL leg slit – appearance with ultimate wow effect

If you have beautiful legs, you should show them off! With this trend, the long, tanned legs do not disappear under all the masses of fabric but flash seductively out from underneath. That gives even rather plain, minimalist dresses that extraordinary something. What the ball gowns have had in their portfolio for a long time can also be discovered in the game of vanities in bridal fashion in 2023. Because so far the legs came thereby definitely too briefly and that is changed with this trend in any case lastingly. A remarkable side effect is that beautiful bridal shoes are also emphasized with this trend wonderfully present. The bride had devoted herself in advance to selecting the bridal shoes, and then they disappear practically unseen under the long flowing wedding dress. They become a real eye-catcher thanks to an XXL leg slit!

Slip Dresses for the figure-hugging silhouette

As a rule, they come in noble silk or delicate satin and beautifully accentuate the bride’s curves. The fabric flows softly and shiny along the figure and emphasizes it divinely. These wedding dresses have the advantage that they can be perfectly combined with any number of accessories. Especially long gloves are the ultimate add-on in this fashion trend – but more about that later. These dresses are usually equipped with narrow straps and flatter narrow shoulders. The rather minimalist slip dresses can currently be found in everyday dresses, so it’s not surprising that fashion designers have also embraced this elegant outfit with enthusiasm for bridal fashion. Of course, such a white dress can also be worn around the wedding for the registry office or at other events in the context of the marriage.

For inspiration, you can see in the photos a super beautiful slip dress model that I discovered under the bridal fashion category at Omoda. For a style break, I combined it with cowboy boots and sunglasses, but of course, you can also wear it very simply with chic pumps and, optionally, a veil.

Off-shoulder dresses make an insane cleavage

In fairy tales, princesses wear wedding dresses in this style because they are practically considered the epitome of romance and grace. In bridal fashion for 2023, you can find this trend in all its glory. Sensual and dreamy, this wedding dress variant presents itself, emphasizes the shoulder area, and gracefully highlights the décolleté. Of course, the straps and sleeves must not be completely absent from the off-shoulder dresses. So there are them with narrow straps that wrap around the upper arms and practically look like they just slipped down, which looks incredibly sexy. You can find puff sleeves with a large size that playfully wrap around the arms. Or you can leave them out altogether and enjoy the minimalist look.

Two-piece suits for the big day

When it comes to bridal fashion, people combine for all they’re worth because this is where it’s most fun! It is allowed what pleases. Thus, casual trousers can be worn confidently with a top in noble lace. Add a voluminous veil, and you have an extravagant wedding outfit par excellence. This season you will find noble two-piece suits consisting of a skirt and a noble top made of the most exquisite materials. In its most beautiful form, the bridal business is presented with a suit in an oversized look, which is worn casually at the wedding. Also stunning is a so-called Tuxedo Dress, consisting of a mega-short dress and a blazer, allowing the view of endlessly long legs.

Although this doesn’t fit into the two-piece category, we wanted to present it as an excellent idea for the wedding look: the jumpsuit. It comes along quasi-like a two-piece but in one piece. One-piece suits often look more sophisticated and are a great option for those who find the combination of pants and a top or blazer too casual.

Boho dresses for a romantic bohemian look

In this trend, the bohemian era from the 1960s makes itself felt when all the signs were set on hippies, and with all their accents, makes an exceptional charm. This guarantees a grand entrance combined with wonderfully lovely fabrics, especially for summer weddings. So you can discover wide statement sleeves, long flowing fabrics are played with, and lace as far as the eye can see. Also, beautiful applications such as feathers and embroidery in floral style can be found in the bridal fashion of boho dresses again.

Bridal fashion trend 2023 – the accessories

The accessories also have it in them this season and skillfully bring themselves to the center of attention. Wide capes adorn every wedding dress and give the whole thing something mundane. Capes are so hot. They show themselves as elegant and rich in variety. When choosing one, you can have the cape incorporated directly into the dress. Or it is wrapped around the shoulders and can be taken off as needed. A very special gimmick, in this case, is a mix of different materials.

Gloves in an extended version are an actual theme this season and are right up front. Either transparent and gauzy or made of silky fabric. Long gloves are the ultimate accessory in the wedding trend 2023 – a must-have!

Bridal fashion trend 2023 – the bridal shoes

Buying shoes is so much fun, and for the perfect wedding outfit, the matching wedding shoes can not be missing. You can find them in classic white, cream, or rose colors and soft blue tones this season. The style presents itself from its multifaceted side, and you can discover bridal shoes in the very flat version, as pumps or even as sporty sneakers. Pointed they are gorgeous and thus peek out from under any wedding dress. Provided with many refined details, the wedding shoes can come with bows, studded with pearls or even feathers, and littered with glitter particles. In keeping with the transparent look of wedding dresses, you can find shoes with sophisticated mesh inserts or entirely made out of mesh. You can also choose the classic in a simple look – simply irresistible!

The selection of shoes is huge. To make your search here easier, take a look at Omoda. You will find super beautiful and exceptionally varied pumps, which perfectly round off the outfit for your big day.