Soft tailoring is not entirely new, but in 2024, you will hear more about this trend that perfectly combines elegance and comfort. We will reveal exactly what is hidden behind this term in this post.

What is the Soft Tailoring Trend?

In simple terms, soft tailoring is the perfect blend of elegance and comfort. Unlike traditional tailoring, soft tailoring is characterized by a relaxed fit and soft materials. This trend has proven to be particularly popular in women’s clothing, but men are also increasingly enjoying it. It’s no wonder, as the benefits of soft tailoring are numerous: it offers more freedom of movement and a better fit with a slim cut without restrictions. There are various clothing items in the soft tailoring style, such as suits, trousers, jackets, vests, sweaters, knitwear, and shirts and dresses for women. This trend has everything you need for the perfect everyday outfit, whether for a day at the office or a dinner with your loved one.

The importance of elegance and comfort in fashion

Elegance and comfort are the two key factors that have made the soft tailoring trend so popular. Unlike traditional tailoring, soft tailoring focuses on making clothing comfortable and easy to wear without sacrificing elegance and style. The selection of the right materials plays an important role in this. From lightweight wool to high-quality fabrics, there is a wide variety of options for trousers, shirts, jackets, or suits in the soft tailoring look. The cut and silhouette are also significant – classic with a modern twist, they create a contemporary look. Whether it’s women’s or men’s clothing, the soft tailoring trend offers a wide range of options for every taste and figure.

Both elegance and comfort are two factors that play an essential role in choosing the right clothing – depending on the occasion for which they are needed. For work or a more formal occasion, the importance of elegance in the outfit outweighs. On the other hand, more emphasis is placed on comfort in everyday life. In general, it is more of a challenge to combine these two factors in just one garment or outfit. Soft tailoring has taken on this challenge and successfully mastered it.

The difference between traditional tailoring and soft tailoring

Traditional tailoring is characterized by tight cuts and stiff materials, which may look very chic and elegant but are often perceived as uncomfortable. In contrast, soft tailoring offers a perfect combination of elegance and comfort. The cuts are slightly looser, and the materials are softer, making the garment more comfortable to wear. Therefore, the difference between traditional and soft tailoring is mainly in terms of wearing comfort – if you like it comfortable, this is the trend for you.

Advantages of soft tailoring for the wearer

One of the most significant advantages of soft tailoring for the wearer is undoubtedly the high comfort level. This can be particularly advantageous in professional life, as it allows you to feel unrestricted in your clothing and, therefore, work better. But soft tailoring also has a lot to offer visually: the loose fit of the trousers or jackets gives them a casual and modern look without sacrificing elegance. In addition, there is now a wide range of different materials and cuts available, so there is something for every taste.

Another advantage of the soft tailoring trend is that it can be worn not only in the office but also in everyday life. So you no longer need two different wardrobes for work and everyday life. In addition, with an outfit in the soft tailoring style, you can go straight from work to whatever is planned for the afternoon and evening without having to change at home.

Materials in soft tailoring: From lightweight wool to high-quality fabrics

For the perfect mix of elegance and comfort, the materials from which the clothing is made play an important role. From lightweight wool to high-quality fabrics, there is a wide range of suitable materials for the soft tailoring look. Suits and shirts made of soft cotton or cashmere are trendy, but trousers and jackets of wool or silk are also trendy. Sweaters and vests made of knitwear can also be perfectly integrated into the soft tailoring look. Mixing different materials is a great way to make the soft tailoring look interesting and add variety. And as long as high-quality materials are used, the factor of elegance remains alongside comfort.

Cuts and silhouettes in soft tailoring: Classic with a modern twist

By now, you know that the soft tailoring trend is all about the perfect mix of elegance and comfort, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s fashion. The use of high-quality materials is just as crucial as the choice of the right cut and silhouette. In contrast to traditional tailoring, soft tailoring uses softer, flowing fabrics, which make the fit appear more casual. However, thanks to high-quality materials, the cuts are anything but casual; rather, they create a soft and elegant look.

In general, the cuts are rather loose and relaxed. Blazers can be worn looser, trousers come with wide legs, and shirts and blouses are oversized. In short, there are relaxed cuts, soft textures, and elegant simplicity. A combination that ensures a pleasant feeling of wearing.

Styling tips for the perfect soft tailoring look

Soft tailoring sounds like just the right thing for you, and you want to know how to incorporate the trend into your outfits? We have prepared some styling tips and specific outfit ideas for you. All outfits combine classic elements of tailored looks with relaxed cuts and high-quality materials.

A first example of a soft tailoring style outfit is a combination of wide-leg trousers, a silk shirt, and a blazer. Choose wide-leg trousers in a neutral color like gray or black to achieve an elegant look. You can wear a silk shirt in a delicate pastel color to give the outfit a feminine touch. You can round off the outfit with an oversized blazer for an even more casual look.

Another outfit could consist of a midi skirt, a loose-knit sweater, and a chic coat. The slightly looser-fitting midi skirt is a must-have in the soft tailoring trend. The knit sweater provides a nice contrast to the skirt and ensures comfort and coziness on colder days. Add a long coat on top, and you’re ready to master the day in your soft tailoring outfit.

Especially chic for a third outfit idea in a soft tailoring style is the combination of wide-leg trousers and a slightly more fitted vest made of the same material. This look becomes slightly more formal by wearing a blazer, preferably as part of a chic three-piece suit. Using the same material and color, the outfit looks particularly elegant.

When styling soft tailoring, finding the right balance between elegance and casualness is generally essential. Therefore, combine relaxed cuts with high-quality materials to achieve a sophisticated look. Ensure the garments are well coordinated, and choose neutral colors or subtle patterns to create a harmonious overall picture. And above all, remember to have fun putting together and wearing your soft tailoring outfits.

The right accessories for the soft tailoring trend

Accessories are the finishing touch of every outfit and complete the look. Even with the soft tailoring trend, choosing the right accessories is crucial for a successful appearance. In terms of shoes, you can always go for pumps or ballerinas. A high-quality leather bag completes the outfit, with the size being irrelevant. A larger model is fine for the office, while a smaller leather bag can be used for the evening. Finally, a few beautiful pieces of silver or gold jewelry are all your soft tailoring outfit needs.