Those, who’ve been following me for a while now and those, who check my Instagram or Facebook now and then might already now, that I do my TRX Suspension Training regularly. I used to do this during my stay in Australia as well to keep myself fit and strong and already shared a few tips about how to stay fit while traveling. But because I really want to tell you more about the TRX Training, I teamed up with Sophia from Fit and Fab and we’re showing you some easy exercises to define your body and keep yourself fit.

TRX Workout

What is TRX Suspension Training?

Before I start with the first part of our little TRX Series, I want to tell you a bit more about the TRX Suspension Training. The TRX Training is a whole-body training, whereby you train with your body weight and the TRX straps’ instability. You bodyweight functions as renitency, no matter if you’re training lying or standing. Thanks to the instability of the straps, most of the exercises are more difficult and exhausting than they would be without the TRX straps.

The TRX Training offers you a wide range of different exercises; that’s why you can train and define every single part of your body with this workout. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight or build muscles. Another plus is the fact that you can do the TRX workout wherever and whenever you want to. All you need is the TRX System as well as something to attach it.

Effective TRX Upper Body Exercises for slim and defined arms as well as a strong back

Our first part of the TRX Series is about effective TRX Upper Body Exercises for slim and defined arms as well as a strong back. In the following, we’re showing you four different exercises to train your arms and back for a defined body. You should always have in mind to have an upright carriage and to keep your body stretched. What you need to know before starting with the first exercise: the wider the angle, the more exhausting and more pretentious the exercise.

Low Row

With TRX Low Rows, you train your back, abs, shoulders as well as the biceps. For this exercise, you have to face the anchor point of the TRX, grab the handles with your palms facing one another. First your arms are extended out in front of you; then you have to bend your elbows and pull torso up to meet your hands:

TRX Low Row

Chest Press

As the name says, the TRX Chest Press trains your chest. But even your shoulders and triceps get trained with this exercise. You have to face away from the anchor, your feet shoulder-width apart, and your hands grab the handles with an overhand grip. Now you have to lean forward, bend your elbows and lower the chest between your hands:

TRX Chest Press

T Deltoid Fly

The TRX T Deltoid Fly is an exercise for you upper body as well as your shoulders. Face the anchor, one strap in each hand facing one another. Now all you have to do is open your arms into a “T” position:

TRX Delta T

High Biceps Curl

The last exercise for the perfect TRX Upper Body workout is the High Biceps Curl. For this exercise, you have to face toward the anchor point too. Each hand grabs one handle upturned. First your arms are extended; then you bend your elbows until your hands frame your temples:

TRX Biceps Curl

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