You may have heard of Pilates before, but have you ever heard of Reformer Pilates? Reformer Pilates is a further development of traditional Pilates and offers a variety of benefits for the body. With the help of special equipment such as the Allegro, Balanced Body, Barrel, Cadillac, Chair, Tower, and Reformer, you can take your training to a new level. In this article, you can learn more about the differences between Reformer Pilates and traditional Pilates and why you should try it.

Everyone has been talking about this sport since last year: Reformer Pilates. As an absolute trend sport, of course, we have tested it for you and found out about all the essential information.

Reformer Pilates differs from traditional Pilates in using a special piece of equipment known as a reformer or Pilates reformer. This device enables a variety of exercises that aim to train the body holistically and effectively.

The Reformer consists of a movable platform where you can assume various positions. With the help of springs and ropes, it is possible to create resistance and target the muscles. This not only trains the superficial muscle groups but also the deeper stabilizing muscles. This leads to improved posture and stability.

Another advantage of the Reformer Pilates is the ability to adapt the workout to your individual needs. By adjusting the resistance, you can be challenged as a beginner and an advanced user. The Reformer also offers a variety of exercise options for different muscle groups such as legs, abdomen, back, and arms.

In addition to the physical benefits, Reformer Pilates can help relax your mind and reduce stress. Controlled movements and conscious breathing promote concentration and mindfulness during the workout. This allows you to leave the stress of everyday life behind and concentrate fully on the workout.

No wonder Reformer Pilates is absolutely on trend. It is an effective, versatile, and relaxing sport. It offers you the opportunity to train your body holistically, achieve your fitness goals, and have fun at the same time. Are you interested in trying out this trend?

What is Reformer Pilates, and how does it differ from traditional Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is a unique form of Pilates training that differs significantly from traditional Pilates. The main difference lies in using the reformer device, also known as the ‘Pilates reformer.’ This device consists of a movable platform that is based on springs and can be adjusted with different resistances.

The Reformer enables a variety of exercises that train the entire body, with a particular focus on balance and stability. In contrast to traditional Pilates, where you mainly train on the mat, the Reformer offers additional support and resistance through the device itself.

By using the Reformer, certain muscle groups can be targeted more precisely. For example, exercises for the abdominal muscles, legs, or arms can be performed by making different settings on the device. This makes the training more intensive and effective.

Another difference between Reformer Pilates and traditional Pilates is the intensity of the workout. As the Reformer offers additional resistance, the workout can be more challenging and lead to faster progress. It provides a holistic workout for the whole body and promotes improved posture and flexibility.

The benefits of Reformer Pilates for your body

As mentioned, training on the Reformer allows you to address a variety of muscle groups simultaneously and train them effectively. The Reformer will enable you to perform various exercises that improve your strength, stability, and flexibility.

Using the Reformer, exercises can be performed in different positions and angles to target all body areas. This not only trains the surface muscles but also activates deeper muscle layers.

Another advantage is the individual adaptability of the training on the exercise machine. The training can be adapted to your fitness level using the various setting options. Whether beginner or advanced – everyone can benefit from the advantages of the Reformer Pilates.

In addition, training on the reform machine promotes better posture and alignment. The exercises aim to increase awareness of your body and ensure correct execution. In the long term, this can lead to an improvement in your posture in everyday life and reduce possible tension.

In addition to the physical aspects, Reformer Pilates positively affects your mental well-being. The concentrated training requires focus and mindfulness, which can lead to an improved body-mind connection. This can have a positive effect on your mental relaxation and stress management.

The difference in training intensity between traditional and Reformer Pilates

An essential difference between traditional Pilates and Reformer Pilates lies in the intensity of the training. In traditional Pilates, most exercises are performed on a mat, using body weight as resistance. This can be effective, but often requires a lot of strength and stability of the body.

In contrast, Reformer Pilates offers a variety of equipment, such as the Allegro, Balanced Body, or the Cadillac, which can make the workout more intense. These devices can be used to perform various exercises using springs and resistance to increase difficulty.

Using the Reformer enables targeted training of specific muscle groups throughout the body. By varying the weights and spring resistances, the intensity can be individually adjusted – whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete.

Thanks to the wide range of options offered by the Reformer, specific goals can also be achieved, such as muscle building, improving flexibility, or rehabilitation after injuries. Intensive training with the Reformer strengthens the body and promotes awareness of how to perform the exercises correctly.

So, if you are looking for a varied and intensive workout, Reformer Pilates could be just the thing for you. In contrast to Pilates on the mat, the intensity can be adjusted repeatedly, even beyond your body weight, as resistance.

Reformer Pilates: for body and mind

Reformer Pilates is not only a workout for the body but also for the mind. By using the reformer equipment, both physical and mental abilities are promoted and improved. Reformer Pilates is not just about performing exercises but also about being aware of the body and creating a connection between body and mind.

We have already discussed the physical benefits of Reformer Pilates in detail, but the trend sport also has positive effects on your mind. During the workout, you will be guided to focus on your breathing and calm your mind. This can help to reduce stress and find inner balance.

Therefore, exercising with the reformer machine offers a holistic experience for the body and mind. It is an effective way to build strength, improve flexibility, and achieve mental relaxation simultaneously. And in general, it’s no secret that sport helps you switch off. And so, of course, does Reformer Pilates.

Which muscle groups, in particular, are trained in Reformer Pilates?

As you already know, Reformer Pilates trains different muscle groups. Exercises that target and strengthen specific muscle groups are performed using the Reformer. The focus is on the whole body and the balanced development of all muscle groups.

One of the muscle groups that is particularly trained in Reformer Pilates is the core area. This includes the abdominal muscles, the back muscles, and the lateral core muscles. Training on the Reformer strengthens these muscles and supports better posture and a more stable core.

The leg muscles are also worked intensively in Reformer Pilates. Various exercises such as squats or lunges on the reformer machine train and strengthen both the thigh and calf muscles.

Reformer Pilates also activates the arm muscles as well as the shoulder and neck muscles. Using pull ropes or special handles on the equipment, targeted arm and shoulder exercises can be performed to strengthen these muscle groups.

Reformer Pilates addresses all the major muscle groups in the body to ensure a holistic workout. This effectively strengthens the entire body and improves strength, flexibility, and coordination.

How can training help you achieve your fitness goals?

Training with the Reformer is an effective way to achieve your fitness goals. The Reformer Pilates offers numerous opportunities to train your body holistically and a great deal of variety. So training never gets boring.

A significant advantage of the Reformer is its versatility. You can set different resistances and adapt the training to your fitness level. This ensures that you are constantly challenged and make continuous progress. In addition, the Reformer Pilates enables a wide range of exercises, from beginners to advanced levels.

Training with the fitness machine helps you to achieve your fitness goals more efficiently as it enables targeted muscle training and works the entire body. It strengthens the muscles and improves the body’s mobility and flexibility. Training on the Reformer can also help to improve posture and relieve back pain.

So, if you want to achieve your fitness goals – muscle building, weight loss, or general physical fitness – you should try training with the Reformer. The variety of exercises and the ability to adjust the resistance individually make Reformer Pilates an effective training method.

Why you should try training with the reformer device

Reformer Pilates is a trend sport that differs significantly from traditional Pilates. If you have already tried training with the Reformer, you will know the many benefits it offers.

The Reformer enables particularly effective muscle training as it increases the resistance and thus boosts your physical performance. It primarily trains muscle groups such as the abdomen, legs, bottom, and back. You can improve your posture and gain more stability through targeted exercises on the Reformer.

Another reason why you should definitely try training with the Reformer is its versatility. In addition to the classic Pilates exercises, there are numerous variations and additional equipment, such as the Barrel or the Chair, which can make your training even more varied.

The Reformer also offers opportunities for rehabilitation after injuries or to relieve back pain. The training can be individually adapted to suit both beginners and advanced users thanks to the precise resistance.

And last but not least, it’s simply great fun.