Some of you might say, why the hell should I want to work out while I’m on holidays? Well, when I say traveling I’m not talking about the one or two weeks holidays you might think about, I’m talking about a long term travel, about being away from home for more than two weeks.

How to stay fit while traveling

The hardest part of staying fit when you travel is to find a new routine, to find something that works for you. In Berlin I usually go to the gym three times a week, but I don’t have a gym membership here in Sydney and I didn’t want one, because I knew that I won’t stay in Sydney the whole time.

So what to do to stay fit while you travel?

My biggest advice is to be as active as you can be every day, everywhere, in every way and take advantage of all the possibilities another country offers, e.g. the sea or parks.

Take The Stairs

This is one of the classics: take the stairs instead of the elevator everytime you have the chance to. This is something you can easily integrate into your everyday life, but you can use the stairs for a work out as well by running up and down the stairs for about fifteen minutes (for example).

Walk As Often As Possible

Traveling means seeing a lot of new places and doing a lot of sightseeing. Usually there are a lot of busses, trains & Co. bringing you from one attraction to another, but what about walking instead? Here is another advice: walk as often as possible. Not only because it keeps you in motion, but also because you can explore way more of a city as if you just drive from one sightseeing spot to another.

Go For A Swim

To start from the premise that you’ll have a pool or the sea, here is my third advice: go for a swim. When you don’t have a pool or the sea at home, swimming can give a great variety. You don’t have to swim laps, just swim around to get your heart beating 🙂


In Berlin I used to go the gym three times a week including a 30-minutes-TRX-class. It’s my favourite workout, because it offers a lot of exercises and you can control how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise. That’s why it benefits people of all fitness levels. When I started with TRX I didn’t do a lot of strength training or even have a fitness routine/ plan. But you get stronger over time. But the best about TRX is that it can be set-up almost everywhere: at the gym, the hotel, at home or even outside.

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Outfit by adidas StellaSport

Enough fitness talk, time to talk about the outfit I wore. 😉 This is the second outfit I created to show you the new adidas StellaSport collection – do you remember the everyday life outfit I shared with you last week? As I already told you, the second outfit would be another outfit you can wear at the gym. I really like how the colours of the sportswear matches the TRX, they were perfect for my TRX workout on the beach. 🙂 What do you think about it?

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