Jeans, jeans, jeans … What would fashion be without jeans? Invented initially as pure work trousers, today, it is often part of almost every outfit as an essential piece. The jeans are particularly popular due to their variability in combinations. It can be combined sporty, elegant, business-like, or even chic. Besides, jeans are not necessarily “jeans.” They come in many different variations, cuts, shapes, and washes – jeans always look different. The fashion world has come up with different names for the different variants and cuts. The most important types of jeans are presented here.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are jeans for women, but they looked like they are borrowed out of the boyfriends closet – hence the rather unusual name. They are wide and casual, have a masculine cut, and are worn on the hip. They look very sexy and emphasize the female silhouette. These are some reasons why especially prominent people choose boyfriend jeans over other jeans and made them extremely popular. The jeans are beautifully combined with a wide oversized shirt over a sexy top and rough boots, or you can wear them with a solid color t-shirt under a sporty and elegant blazer. It is best to wear white sneakers, but they also work with high heels, boots, or flats.

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans are jeans that are characterized by their low-rise fit. These jeans do not sit over the waist; they initially sit below on the waist. They are loose and casual and easy to combine. The ladies like to turn the waistband around and emphasize the casual cut. You can choose from many different cuts and styles, making it easy to find the right one for you. Once you found the perfect pair of baggy jeans for you, you can combine them in many different ways. How about white boots and a wide coat with a black knitted sweater? Or you combine them with a crop top and blazer as well as some heels or sneakers.

Mom Jeans

The name says it all. This jeans style could be stolen from the closet of your mom. They have a rather old-fashioned cut, that was used to be called carrot jeans. Carrot jeans lie on the waist and are loosely cut on the legs and back. The leg gets a little bit tighter at the bottom. This carrot shape is comfortable to wear and can be very flattering. Mom jeans can be perfectly combined with a summery t-shirt with white sports shoes or with a short leather jacket and cool mule sandals.

Dad Jeans

Dad jeans are cut wide. Here, too, the jeans’ name reveals its original origin: from Dad’s closet. The cut of the jeans starts high up on the waist and runs straight and wide over the leg. Dad Jeans are comfortable to wear and gives its wearer a relaxed look. The jeans can be combined in many ways, and there are hardly any limits. With rolled-up trouser with an elegant turtleneck sweater, a beautiful belt, or combined in a destroyed look with sandals and a wide T-shirt.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are among the above jeans, the exact opposite and present themselves tight-fitting, figure-hugging, and something sexy. However, they hardly forgive anything and emphasize the female silhouette. This enables women to show what they have, making them look seductive and confident.

Hardly any pants fit as tightly as skinny jeans, practically like a second skin. They are cut up and mostly have a high proportion of elastane. The outfit options styled around these jeans are numerous and offer a range from sporty with a t-shirt and sneakers to elegant with pumps and very business-like with a blazer.

Wide-Leg Jeans

As the name implies, wide-leg jeans have a wide cut, especially on the trouser legs. The waistband lies on the hips, and the extremely wide legs are airy and wide and reach up to the ankles – often, they even extend beyond and lie on the shoes. The lower part of the leg is the widest. This reminds of the hippie look. The wide-leg jeans are hard to beat in terms of comfort but still look trendy and, depending on the combination, vary. Summery chic, they are worn with colorful sandals and a breezy, airy shirt. Or how about making the hippie look complete with a strapless blouse?

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans are regular fit jeans. It’s a very universal cut. They do not particularly emphasize any body parts, nor do they conceal them. As a result, the straight leg jeans offer various possible combinations and should be in every wardrobe, as they can be combined with almost any outfit. They sit on the hips, and their legs go straight down. The jeans are also easy to wear for the office, for example, with black platform boots and a pretty blazer in the same color.

Regular Fit Jeans

The Regular Fit is a fit for jeans that is characterized by its even shape. The jeans only play around the waist and leg and do not fit too tightly. This makes them very comfortable to wear. The jeans are a real classic among jeans. They are more “normal” in their fit and neither narrow nor wide, but exactly in the middle. The jeans are trendy and can be combined infinitely well. Whether with a classy top and high heeled sandals, with boots and blazers or with a sports shirt and sneakers – the possibilities of outfits with regular fit jeans are endless.

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are also known as flared jeans. They are worn on the hips and lie close to the thighs. The bootcut jeans keep getting wider and end on the shoes at their widest point from the knees down. However, the bootcut jeans are not cut as wide as other models. It is a very timeless cut that is very popular and can be combined with many outfits. As the name implies, you can perfectly wear these jeans with boots. That’s what the wider legs are made for. A real classic in your wardrobe!

Tapered Jeans

Tapered jeans are one thing above all: they are super cool! This rather newer model in the world of jeans has a unique cut and can be described as a mix of carrot and baggy jeans. Tapered means something like “conical.” While it sits loosely on the hips and thighs, it narrows on the calves, also called conically. The particularly deep-fitting cut makes the jeans look very cool. They are figure-hugging and perfect for creating fancy outfits. Whether combined with a sexy top and many necklaces – of course, high heels should not be missing – or with boots and a chic print shirt, the tapered jeans can be combined in many ways and, thanks to their cut, sometimes forgive an unfavorable body part.

Slim Fit Jeans

In contrast to other cuts, slim-fit jeans are very narrow and fit like a second skin. It is particularly tight on the hips and thighs, but the legs become a little wider at the end. The slim fit jeans are provided with a high proportion of stretch material, which makes them comfortable to wear and easier to put on and take off. Such as with every other kind of jeans, slim fit jeans offer many different outfit combinations. To name an example, you can wear them with a white t-shirt with a funny print, a light gray checkered blazer, and black shoes.

Flared Jeans

The cut of flared jeans cut is a real classic and has been very popular for decades and absolutely unmistakable. While the jeans are rather tight on the upper waistband and continue closely over the thighs, they become more flared going down from the knees. When buying flared jeans, you should get a long enough pair, so it goes all the way to the ground. This will make your legs look longer. One of the reasons why shorter girls love to wear flared jeans. These jeans can be combined very well with summer-like tunics or with sexy tops and belly or shoulder-free shirts.