Jeans are a timeless classic

Jeans are an absolute timeless classic. They were originally developed by Levi Strauss in the middle of the 19th century as pants for the American worker. Today they are a must in everyone’s wardrobe. Because what the gold miners already appreciated 150 years ago still applies today. The fashion-conscious woman and man continue to enjoy the durability, timelessness, and perfect workmanship of the jeans. In addition, there have been many other aspects that have made jeans so indispensable over the decades. Almost every season, fashion houses worldwide come up with variants and new facets of jeans. Whether it’s really cool washes, delicate embroidery, various cuts, or funny applications, there are practically no limits to the imagination of the fashion designers. Because the best thing about jeans is: depending on the cut, color and wash, jeans adapt perfectly. Depending on the combination, they perfectly complement every outfit. With sports shoes, they look sporty, with high heels sexy and extravagant, with a serious blazer they look very business-like.

What are baggy jeans?

Anyone who has always wondered what baggy jeans actually is will get the answer here. The baggy jeans trend is one thing for sure: it’s really cool! The cut of the jeans is loose and casual and the pants are very comfortable. By definition, it is a pair of jeans that doesn’t sit on the waist, they are worn below the waist. Due to that, the waistband of the underwear becomes visible, what makes this look extremely sexy. These jeans are particularly popular in the hip-hop scene and are worn with boxer shorts from luxury brands. Not only are they worn below the waist, they also have extremely wide legs, sit loose on top of the shoes and give their wearer a cool look.

These kinds of jeans are also available in countless variants, shapes, and colors and are constantly reinventing itself. And the best thing is: the baggy jeans combination options are numerous and offer extravagant and unusual combinations – always with the same pants! So, what are baggy jeans? Really cool jeans for every day for HER as well as for HIM.

How to wear baggy jeans?

You wear it casually and very loosely below the waist. The jeans sit sexy on the hips and give the wearer a cool look. There are countless variants in the fashion market depending on your taste. Whether in deep dark denim, in black, light gray or light blue – the jeans are available in endless options. You will find very basic and simple ones, but also ones with applications such as zippers, patches or decorative stitching.

The men’s world often prefers these jeans because it is so wonderfully comfortable to wear, gives the men a really cool image and, depending on the combination, is wonderfully multifaceted. If you want to combine a pair of baggy jeans, you can do so as you like. Whether with sports shoes, sneakers or summer flip-flops, the baggy jeans combination options are numerous. A sporty shirt, a hoodie or a casual shirt can be worn in combination with them. And how about adding a base cap? The outfit is perfect for a casual occasion and adapts very comfortably to the wearer.

Baggy jeans outfits for HER

women. The women styles are also sexy, comfortable to wear and available in many different variations.Whether in trendy blue, in dark denim, in black or white denim or in light gray, the colors and the various washes always give the jeans a new flair. Casual button strips on the front or on the side look both sporty and seductive and makes the jeans a real eye-catcher. The legs of the pants are usually worn everted at the bottom of the leg, which makes them appear loose and casual.

How to wear baggy jeans for women?

Combining baggy jeans is really fun because it offers a lot of creativity and design options. There are hardly any limits to your imagination. How about, for example, a chic black turtleneck with baggy jeans, a wide-cut coat in a checked pattern, and trendy white boots with laces? This casual outfit is the ideal companion on shopping trips or when meeting up with friends to sit in the café in the spring and autumn. The jeans can also be combined more elegantly and look extremely classy with a blazer in black or dark blue over a white shirt. Add high heels to your feet in the form of pumps or ankle boots and the business outfit with a pair of baggy jeans is ready. For colder days, wear baggy jeans with a warm black sweater and a cozy puffer jacket. Add black lace-up boots and off you go for a wonderful walk in the cool winter air.

Even more baggy jeans combination options

Baggy jeans are not only available in denim. A very classy variant are leather baggy jeans. The cut is in line with the trend and the leather look makes it look extremely classy and extremely fashionable. Wear it with a long denim shirt and white sneakers. Style it with a white top and flip-flops for a summery look.

You can even combine baggy jeans with a crop top to make your belly visible. Hot! Or how do you like this baggy jeans outfit: The jeans in a sexy destroyed look styled with a short glittery top and high heels.

It’s all about the details: don’t forget to accessorize

The most important thing at the end: An outfit would not be an outfit without the right accessories. Therefore, an absolute must-have to wear with baggy jeans is a belt. Here, too, you can choose according to your taste, but a belt is always a good idea. Some jeans come with lacing on the waistband. If not, the jeans can be combined with a wide belt with a trendy buckle. Glittery belt, belts with funny applications, or cool rivets give the jeans the finishing touch. Long chain belts also always look great in combination with baggy jeans.