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Simple Summer Outfit in black and white

It's summer in Berlin, and even though I am always looking forward to this time of the year and can't wait to wear all my summer clothes, I never know what to wear as soon as it's 30°C or more. These temperatures in Berlin - and probably any other big city - are everything…

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Casual Chic Outfit: Women’s suit combined with sneakers

Happy Monday, happy new week! I will continue with what I ended the past week: more outfit posts. I mentioned yesterday that I want to share all the outfit pictures I have left from the past weeks before our trip to Miami. We are leaving on Wednesday, but I have more than two outfits…

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Wearing a Black Lace Dress in Summer

Happy Monday and happy new week guys! What about starting this week with a new outfit post? I'm all for it. Today is going to be a very busy day, so leaving you with a new outfit post is the best I can do for you today. My brother turns 21 today, so we…

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Bohemian Summer Outfit

Another day calls for another summer outfit and here it is: a bohemian summer outfit I was wearing a couple of weeks ago. We took these outfit pictures the weekend before our London trip, almost three weeks ago. I didn't have the time to share it earlier because the weather wasn't very summery the week…

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Summer in the City

Even though the weather wasn't very summery the past days and especially the past week, I want to share some summer outfits with you this week. I'm still in hopes that summer will come back at least for a couple of days, and therefore I won't stop sharing summer outfits as soon I have enough…

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All black summer outfit

The weather this week hasn't been summery, but the weather forecast says it'll be better this weekend and next week. And I hope it will get better because today I want to share another summer outfit inspiration with you, and it's an outfit you definitely can't wear when it's rainy and cold. So let's hope…

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Berlin Fashion Week Outfit No. 1

It's finally time to share my Berlin Fashion Week Outfits with you. Due to my busy schedule, we only managed to shoot two of my three looks. I'm currently thinking about wearing the look sometime soon again, so we can take pictures of this look as well. Would you like to see it? :) Today…

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Cami over Shirt

I definitely don't like all the trends that pop up season after season. To be honest, there are only a few trends I like and would wear myself. A couple of weeks ago I already talked about the off shoulder trend as one of the trends I like a lot. Another trend I like a…

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