The weather this week hasn’t been summery, but the weather forecast says it’ll be better this weekend and next week. And I hope it will get better because today I want to share another summer outfit inspiration with you, and it’s an outfit you definitely can’t wear when it’s rainy and cold. So let’s hope the weather will change for the weekend or at least for next week so that we can wear all our summer clothes again 🙂

All black summer outfit

I love all black outfits, even though one says that it’s not the best idea to wear black all over on hot summer days. But black is a colour you can wear every single day and to every single occasion, it’s a colour you can never go wrong with. And as long as the pieces are airy and light, you can definitely wear black ones on hot summer days. The day I was wearing this outfit was one of those very hot summer days here in Berlin. I was wearing a black shirt; that is actually a dress, but it shrank the last time I washed it. Now it’s a little bit too short to wear it as a dress, but still too long to make the shorts I was wearing visible. A lot of people probably thought I was wearing a very short dress without anything underneath x) But anyways, when it gets colder I can combine it with jeans and other pants to create dress-over-pants outfits.

Another highlight of this outfit are my new Neosens shoes. The Neosens Callet is the perfect summer sandal for everyone who doesn’t like high heels but want shoes with heels to create for feminine looks and to elongate the legs a little bit. The height of the heels of these Neosens shoes is not too short and not too high. The shoe offers not only the comfort but also the quality Neosens is well-known for. How do you like them?

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