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Tag Archives: 08-2016

Grey Levi’s Shorts

Today is already our second day in London, and I can't wait to explore even more of the city and to go for a little shopping ;) I've been to London several times, but it's always great to be back and to explore this city again and again. You always find something new you haven't…

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Summer in the City

Even though the weather wasn't very summery the past days and especially the past week, I want to share some summer outfits with you this week. I'm still in hopes that summer will come back at least for a couple of days, and therefore I won't stop sharing summer outfits as soon I have enough…

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Vlog #3 – Going for a run with Jimmy

About two weeks ago I told you that I want to share more vlogs in addition to the usual posts on my blog. I already created two vlogs, one about a day trip to Helenesee and one about the adidas Runners City Night in Berlin. And last Sunday I decided to create a third vlog…

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Happy Sunday everyone! Are you ready for a new "24 hours a day, 7 days a week"-post as well as a new Snapchat Stories of the Week video? Of course, you are! But let me warn you: the past week was very boring. But that's no reason to stop reading this post and close the…

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Denim Pants

On Tuesday I told you that I would share outfits for colder summer days as well as outfits for hot summer days this week. But I changed this plan last minute because the past days has been very cold here in Berlin and probably in more parts of Germany as well as the countries around.…

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Patterned Off-Shoulder Shirt

What can I say? As I mentioned before, this week has been very busy, and it won't change today. Let's just hope I can finish as much work as possible today, so tomorrow is going to be a little bit calmer. I don't want to complain, but I could need some days of rest ;)…

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As seen in Vogue

I can't believe it's already Wednesday, but it's even more terrifying, that today is already August the 10th. Didn't the month just start? Time flies by very fast, but luckily there are a couple of happenings I'm looking forward to such as our trip to London next week. And speaking of which, I can't help…

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Grey Pants x White Sneakers

Happy Tuesday everyone! This week I'm going to share more outfits than the weeks before. I'm always trying to share three to fours outfits a week, but the past weeks I barely shared three outfits per week. This is about to change this week because this week I'm sharing four different outfits with you and…

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