Happy Tuesday everyone! This week I’m going to share more outfits than the weeks before. I’m always trying to share three to fours outfits a week, but the past weeks I barely shared three outfits per week. This is about to change this week because this week I’m sharing four different outfits with you and I’ll start with the first one today. How does it sound? Are you as excited as I am and ready for a lot of outfit inspirations? I have outfits for colder summer days (such as the ones we had the past week) as well as for hot summer days. Today I’m sharing an outfit for one of those cold summer days, summer days that almost feel like autumn. It’s a chic yet comfortable look with a sporty touch:

Grey Pants x White Sneakers

I love creating contrasty outfits, and I love combining chic, classic pieces with sporty and casual ones. In this case, I combined grey pants with white sneakers and added a basic black tee as well as a bomber jacket to finalise the look. It’s a chic yet casual, party sporty outfit and perfect for a busy day at the office or when you’re on the run all day. You can even wear this outfit for a movie date at the cinema or a shopping tour, a short weekend trip or whenever you feel like wearing an outfit like this one.

We shot these pictures on our way to the office. We made a quick stop at a café nearby, and I got myself an iced coffee because I was still a little bit tired. In some of the pictures you can see how tired I was x) Anyways, coffee always helps, but I prefer cold ones since I always get even more tired when drinking hot coffee or hot drinks in general.

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