Happy Sunday everyone! Are you ready for a new “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”-post as well as a new Snapchat Stories of the Week video? Of course, you are! But let me warn you: the past week was very boring. But that’s no reason to stop reading this post and close the window because I have exciting news to tell you about. Let’s start with what I was doing the past week:

We started our Saturday with a delicious breakfast at one of our favourite breakfast spots in Berlin; LuLa am Markt. I usually can’t decide whether I want to eat something sweet or salty for breakfast and at LuLa you can get both. The portions are not that big, so I always go for a porridge as well as bread and cheese. Both together costs about 10 Euro, what is a typical price for breakfast in Berlin. After our breakfast, we took outfit pictures, went home to relax for a couple of hours before we decided to go for a long walk with Jimmy. On Saturday we did almost the same. But the day started with breakfast at home and a run for me. We spent a couple of hours at the Reichstagsufer and enjoyed the sunshine before we drove back home to watch movies.

Monday to Friday was a very busy time. I spent most of the time at the office because I had to prepare a couple of things. Seriously, it happened nothing I could talk about. x) We’re flying to London next Thursday, and I don’t want to take my laptop with me, that’s why I had to work that much.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there’s something exciting I want to tell you today! We finally booked our flight to Rome. YAY! We’re flying to Rome in September and will stay for three days. I’ve been in Rome before, and this will be my second time, and I can’t wait. It’s been a while since my first time in Rome, so if you have any recommendations for Restaurants, Cafés, Activities, etc., please let me know. We always have problems with finding excellent restaurants to eat at. I would be thankful for every single restaurant tip!

That’s it for today. You can find my Snapchat video as well as some snapshots I took during the last day in the following. Enjoy your Sunday. xx

Favourite Song of the past week: B.o.B. – Ghost in the Machine

Material Craving of the past week: I want these Adidas Gazelle sneakers so badly!

P.S.: Today’s Snapchat Stories of the Week video is the last one I’m sharing with you. I was thinking about the whole Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat stories quite a while and on Friday I decided to start using Instagram Stories instead of Snapchat. Of course, I was thinking about using both, but that’s not manageable for me. And since I just started using Snapchat about three month ago, it makes more sense to focus on Instagram, the network I’ve been using for a couple of years now. I hope you understand. 🙂 And no worries, I’m already thinking about another way to share short videos in my “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”-post.

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