Since I’m flying to London this Thursday, I thought it would be fun to share another post with travel hacks. We’re flying with Ryan Air and therefore we can only bring hand luggage with us. Well, we could book more luggage, but it actually doesn’t make any sense. It’s more expensive than the flight itself, and we’re in London for three days only. So if I’m honest, hand luggage should be enough for a three-day-trip. But travelling light isn’t easy; it’s hard to pack the right things for a short trip when you can only bring hand luggage. That’s why I want to share some packing hacks you need to know if you want to travel light today. There are probably much more handy tips, but the following three are the most essential packing hacks:

Make a list before you start packing

Believe it or not, but I always make a list with stuff I want to pack, or I HAVE to pack before I start packing. This is not only the perfect way to make sure you don’t forget anything important, but it’s also a great way to see if you really need everything you would like to pack 😉
Making a list seems so simple, but I’m sure most of you pack without a list, am I right? 😉 It’s so easy; you probably think it’s not worth the time. But believe me, making a list upfront is definitely worth the time investment! A list will help you to identify unnecessary items and with a list you won’t forget the most important things such as your charger and stuff like this. When making a list consider how many days you’ll be gone, whether you’ll be able to wash your clothes and if you have to be prepared for big weather changes. You also should consider the occasion of your travel and what you’ll do during the travel. Do you need to bring something for a night out, for a chic restaurant or something similar or can you travel with streetwear only?

Choose wisely

You have to choose your clothes wisely depending on the occasion of your trip and your plans for the days away. Whenever I pack my clothes I think about outfits I would like to wear. I combine them before I pack, so I do not only pack single clothing pieces but complete outfits. I always pack clothes that go very well together, so that I have more than one outfit option. It’s not always easy to decide what to wear a couple of days before; that’s why all the pieces I pack should work together no matter how I combine them in the end. Additionally, the closing your pack for your travel should be lightweight and non-bulky. Avoid pieces that easily wrinkle.

Fold and Roll your clothes

Now that you know what you want to pack you have to make sure everything fits in your hand luggage. Don’t just only put it inside; your goal should be to make everything as small as possible. Fold and roll your clothes and shove smaller things inside your shoes and bags. I always put my underwear and socks inside my shoes and bags and if there’s still space left I also shove some of my t-shirts and tops inside as well. For the rest of the clothing, I want to bring with me I go for a mix of folded and rolled pieces. You just have to play “Tetris” and see how everything fits and how you can use the space of your hand luggage best. 😉

I hope these packing hacks will help you the next time you’re travelling light. And if you have any other packing hacks, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and let me know. xx

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