What can I say? As I mentioned before, this week has been very busy, and it won’t change today. Let’s just hope I can finish as much work as possible today, so tomorrow is going to be a little bit calmer. I don’t want to complain, but I could need some days of rest 😉 You might wonder why it’s so busy, it’s summer and summer usually is the calmest time of the year. But this week has been very busy because I have to plan our London trip next week, and I have to prepare a couple of things. I want to make as much as possible so that I can leave my Mac Book at home. I doubt it will be possible, but let’s see… Anyways, today I want to share another outfit post with you and once again it’s a look you can wear on colder summer days:

Patterned Off-Shoulder Shirt

The off-shoulder trend is one of my favourite trends this year, and I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but I can’t say it often enough. A couple of weeks ago I found another cute off-shoulder shirt on sale ad I couldn’t resist. Thanks to the very light fabric as well as the pattern it’s different to all the other off-shoulder shirts I already had. It’s always a good idea to buy a piece you like a lot in different colours, because when you feel comfortable in something you should wear it as often as possible. But it’s also always a good idea to have a little variety in the closet. I wish I would have some of the pieces I like best in different colours to be able to wear them more often and to create different looks. But for now I’m happy with my new patterned off-shoulder shirt, and I’ll definitely wear it more often. Let’s hope summer will stay a little longer 🙂

Chic Summer Outfit for colder days

I was wearing this look last weekend when my boyfriend and I decided to have a late breakfast at our favourite breakfast place. It was a windy and therefore party cold day, that’s why I couldn’t wear one of my summer outfits. I had to go for a warmer option. I combined my patterned off-shoulder shirt with dark grey jeans, black high heels as well as my beloved Gucci bag. I’m still super happy with the decision to buy this black Gucci bag instead of the Dionysus.

Enjoy your Thursday and leave me a comment to let me know what you think about this look. xx

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