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Tag Archives: 03-2015

Icasia Ln

First of all: I swear I was wearing shorts! x) Well, maybe it wasn't the best decision to combine this long tank top with a pair of really short shorts, because it really looks as if I'm wearing nothing underneath... Icasia Ln Bondi The Icasia Ln isn't a special lane in my Bondi neighbourhood, but…

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Luna Park Sydney

Happy Monday folks! I can't believe that my last week in Bondi has just begun.. I'm leaving this accommodation next Monday to move into a hotel, because my boyfriend is coming - whoop whoop! :) I've been in Australia for more than seven weeks now and I've less than four weeks left.. and guess what?…

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Guys, I'm so sorry for the lack of post. But as you already might know, I extended my stay at the surf camp, so I came back on Friday night and unfortunately I didn't have the time to update my blog. I'm so sorry, but I promise that there are a lot of posts waiting…

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Good morning Germany, good evening Australia! My surf trip is over and I'm back in Sydney and I can't wait to tell you more about this getaway, but you still have to be patient, because I have a few more outfits to share with you before I'll tell you more about my three-day surf trip…

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Checks Please!

While you're reading this, I've just finished my second day of the short surf trip I decided to go to last week. :D I booked it as a birthday present to myself kinda thing. But I'll tell you more about my three-day getaway another day. Today is all about another outfit I was wearing when…

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Strong Current

Today I would like to introduce another Australian Label to you. Curious what kind of label it is? Well Australia means beaches and beaches means swimwear, right? So no wonder, that you can find a lot of great swimwear labels on this continent ;) And that's why todays post is all about one of those…

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Pink Wall

FRIYAY! Two more weeks and a few days until my boyfriend is coming to Sydney - yaaaay! Anyways, just wanted to let you know ;) I've been sharing a lot of outfit posts lately, but I promise that other topics will come. I'm working on a post about things to do and see in Sydney…

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Enjoying summery weather while it is still winter season in Germany is one of the best things about my trip to Australia. The winter can be really depressing and it's great to enjoy the sun and warmth here in Sydney. But as much as I enjoy the summer - well, it's already autumn I guess…

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