First of all: I swear I was wearing shorts! x) Well, maybe it wasn’t the best decision to combine this long tank top with a pair of really short shorts, because it really looks as if I’m wearing nothing underneath…

Icasia Ln Bondi

The Icasia Ln isn’t a special lane in my Bondi neighbourhood, but this lane is part of my life here, so I decided to shoot some outfit pictures in this street. Everytime I was looking for new locations to shoot at I had to go along this lane and the other day I decided to stop at the end of the lane to shoot in front of one of the garage doors. I know it’s not particularly interesting, but I just wanted to tell you the “story” behind the title of this post.

Black and Grey

I’ve mentioned before that black and grey is always a good idea and that it is one of the combinations you can probably never go wrong with. So when I’m in doubt, I always choose a simple combinations like the one of black and grey. This time I combined my Defend Paris Coexist Tank Top with a knitted long cardigan and high heels as well as my Rebecca Minkoff Skylar Mini bag for a chic touch. It’s one of those pretty simple outfits you can wear from day to night, whenever you want to. What do you think about it?

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