Blog Posts and Youtube Videos of the Week

Last week I shared three new posts with you on the blog. All three posts are from Costa Rica and all about outfits I was wearing when we were there. The first outfit post is all about white pants combined with an animal print shirt. It definitely is my favourite outfit from Costa Rica but I would also wear it in Berlin or other locations. It’s perfect for spring and summer season, so make sure to have a look, if you are in need of outfit inspiration. In the second outfit post from Costa Rica, I am telling you why you need a red dress this summer. And last but not least I am talking about asymmetric skirts in the third outfit post.

On YouTube, I also shared something new. I still had the vlogs from New York I wanted to have published weeks ago. Well, it took a little longer to finish them, but now they are finally online. Now I just need to edit all the videos from Costa Rica and share them with you. I don’t feel like editing videos at the moment, but maybe it will change next week 🙂

Looks of the Week

The last week I challenged myself or better said I forced myself to take an outfit picture every single day. The outfits aren’t the most fancy once, they are more or less basic, but they are better than no outfits at all. Have a look at what I was wearing last week and let me know which outfit is your favourite:

What happened the past week

Last weekend we were still on Mallorca and I really enjoyed our last two (1 1/2) days there. The weather was pretty good, the sun was shining almost all day and it wasn’t too hot, but warm enough to wear a swimsuit and lay in the sun. We spent Saturday in Palma de Mallorca, just walked around a little bit, sat in a café for a little while and headed back to the Finca in the early afternoon. We decided to have one last BBQ at the Finca, which was super nice. Sunday was our departure day, but we had a flight in the evening and stayed at the Finca until then. We took some photos, soaked up the sunshine and relaxed a little bit.
Back in Berlin, I had a busy schedule. I started the week with personal training at Aspria and headed straight to the office afterwards. We had a lot of work to get done and being back in Berlin and the office felt pretty good. I worked a lot the past week but also had some events on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday I was at a Secret Workout at a new gym that will open next week. The event on Thursday included a workout as well, but it was way more relaxed than the one on Wednesday. We also learned a little bit about juices and health and created our own lip balm.
These two events were the exciting activities of the last week, the rest was quite boring as I was either working from home or the office.