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World Map Bag

The world map bag is finally online available Do you remember the DIY tutorial for this world map bag Luisa from schere leim papier shared with you a few months ago? Here are the best news of the week: you can buy this world map bag now online!!! Where? 1. schere leim papier shop 2.…

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Matchy Matchy

There are several ways how to combine colours in an outfit. One of these ways is to wear mathing clothes and that's what I did the other day. :) I prefer combining the same colour, because it isn't always easy to combine other colours, there are a few things you can go wrong with... it's…

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black and white is always a good idea

Good morning, guys! As you already might know, today I'm selling some of my clothes at the Blogger Bazaar Berlin - if you're currently in Berlin you should stop by! :) I'm currently making some final preparations, but first I want to share this outfit with you I shot with Domi from Goldschnee yesterday. I…

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Fashion Week Berlin Day 2

Fashion Week Berlin is already over and I'm so happy. Good bye High Heels, hello sneakers, slip ons & Co. :D I'm going to relax and enjoy this weekend. I have one more outfit to share with you, but unfortunately I didn't have the time to shoot my outfits of Friday - sorry for that…

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Fashion Week Berlin Day 1

As you all might know it's Fashion Week in Berlin and those, who follow me on Instagram have already seen some of my looks. Today I start sharing them on the blog too, starting with my first fashion week outfit of this season. I was wearing a total Warehouse look - except the shoes -…

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Citroën Multicity Carsharing – by e-car through Berlin

With Citroën Multicity Carsharing by e-car through Berlin We have several Carsharing services in Berlin and the Citroën Multicity Carsharing is one of them. Usually I have my own car, but if you are going out weekends and you don't want to stay sober, you can't go by car. But with a carsharing service you…

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Floral Defend Paris Shirt

Do you remeber my first outfit post wearing the Defend Paris Shirt? If not, you can find it here. :) If you guys like the black one, you'll definitely love my new Defend Paris Shirt - the Floral Defend Paris Shirt! ;) It's the same logo but it gives such a different impression, doesn't it?…

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Here we are, it's another Monday and June has just begun. I'm back since last Wednesday but it already feels like it has been weeks since we came back from our holidays in Mallorca.. isn't it always the same? :) And I just caught me thinking about the next holidays - maybe Mykonos or Miami,…

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