Good morning, guys! As you already might know, today I’m selling some of my clothes at the Blogger Bazaar Berlin – if you’re currently in Berlin you should stop by! 🙂

I’m currently making some final preparations, but first I want to share this outfit with you I shot with Domi from Goldschnee yesterday. I was wearing my laced J Brand Jeans I bought several months ago on sale and combined them with a shirt you haven’t seen on the blog for a while: my “Everybody wants to be Kreuzberg” shirt from Sideboob. To complete this simple black and white look I added my lace slip ons and my beloved Pepe Jeans leather jacket.

Black and white is always a good idea, right? It’s a combination you can never go wrong with. Black and white can be everything: sporty, casual or chic. And sometimes it’s better to keep it simple and to choose black and white.

Enjoy your day! <3Fashionblog Berlin

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