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How to wear a neon green suit

Now that my interior, as well as the beauty post, are online, I can finally share the last outfit from Berlin Fashion Week I have left. :) I can't believe Fashion Week was about a month ago and that it took me so long to share all the outfits I was wearing with you.…

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How to style a neon top

Let's continue with what we ended last with: lots of Fashion Week outfits. I already shared two of the outfits I was wearing during Berlin Fashion Week last week and I still have six outfits left I want to share within the next two or three weeks. I also might share some more…

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Neon Star

Happy Thursday guys! Christmas is in two days, and I'm still not sharing anything Christmas related with you ;) I'm neither sharing a typical outfit post with you. I actually didn't plan to share these pictures on the blog; we took them to share them on Instagram but I like them a lot, so…

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Guestpost: DIY neon knitwear by schereleimpapier

Hey! I'm Luisa from schereleimpapier and I love to create things on my own: crafting little presents, renewing old furniture, upcycling, working with wood and so much more. Just do it yourself! Today, I'm going to show you how to transform a redundant men' s jumper into some pretty piece of clothing. Here is what…

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First day back in Berlin

Before showing you the next pictures from Tuscany here is a short break with the pictures of Sunday, the first day back in Berlin. I was wearing my new Zara sweater I've bought in Florence and my new necklace from H&M bought in Verona. It's so cold in Berlin and I'm looking back to the…

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A Touch of Neon-Pink

We came back from Miami good 2 weeks ago and I miss the weather there! In Berlin it's under 20°C and I have to wear jackets like the one in the pictures, but it isn't all bad here in Berlin: the most time of the weekend the sun was shining and I could ignore the…

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