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Spring Outfit with Trend Colour Green

A while ago, I was barely wearing colourful clothes. I always felt like I would only wear them once and thought it would be such a waste of money to buy something for one outfit and a few photos only. Black, denim and white clothes are essential, and I usually wear clothes in…

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Top with Crossed Back

It has been an intense week full of work, so I can't wait for the weekend to begin although I still have so much to do. But I'll take this weekend to recharge my batteries for a great start into the new week. Anyways, before I can go into the weekend I have a couple…

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The Basics

Finally, finally, finally! Finally we had the chance to shoot some new outfit pictures. Since our camera got broken, we didn't know what to do. We don't have another camera, so we had to borough one. This camera isn't as good as our own, but at least it is a camera and we can take…

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Is it Friday yet? Since the weather was pretty awful at the beginning of the week, it luckily has changed and I can't wait to enjoy the sunshine OUTSIDE! Well, but for now I have two more days of work before it's the weekend. But what about a very summery outfit to sweeten the waiting…

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Boathaven Beach

G'Day Germany! - a lot people told me, that it's typical Australian to say G'Day, but guess what? I've been here for more than two months now and I heard it in Airlie Beach the first time... Anyways, let's talk about what we did yesterday: Boathaven Beach Actually we wanted to visit the Whitehaven Beach,…

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Fuerteventura Day 3

Today is already our last day here in Fuerteventura, because we have to leave the hotel at 12 tomorrow... but one day is one day, so we still have enough time to enjoy the sunshine, the sea and the warm temperatures. :) Fuerteventura Day 3 We spent our third day here in Fuerteventura on the…

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Hello from Fuerteventura

Those who follow me on Instagram already know that I'm currently in Fuerteventura. We booked this trip last Friday, so it was pretty spontaneous and I couldn't tell you that much before. Whaelse in Fuerteventura We arrived yesterday afternoon and enjoyed the first few hours on this isle at the hotel and the beach near…

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Festive Outfit: Sequin Top

I already told you that I want to share some outfit inspirations for Christmas and NYE with you and I already shared a more comfortable christmas outfit with you on Wednesday. But today it's time to show you the first festive outfit. I'll tag all the outfits for Christmas with "Christmas Outfit" and all outfit…

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