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Tag Archives: 07-2015

Perfect Fit

Happy Monday and happy new week, folks. It has been a hooooot weekend, so we tried to spend as much time outside and of course inside the water as possible. I'm pretty happy the weather was this amazing, because I finally was able to shoot this amazing bikini I already received a couple of weeks…

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Belted And Off Shoulder

I can't believe I really have to dress like this during SUMMER! It's rainy, cloudy and windy and the temperatures are everything but summery. At least the weather forecast says, that the weather will be better on the weekend. Fingers crossed, because I don't want to wear skinny jeans, I want to wear shorts and…

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The Basics

Finally, finally, finally! Finally we had the chance to shoot some new outfit pictures. Since our camera got broken, we didn't know what to do. We don't have another camera, so we had to borough one. This camera isn't as good as our own, but at least it is a camera and we can take…

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These are the last pictures we took before our camera got broken... damn it! We still don't really know what happened, but we already sent it to Sony and hopefully we'll get it back soon and it won't cost as much as a new camera would ;) Now we have to find a suitable replacement…

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Dem Levi’s Shorts

Happy Wednesday folks! I hope you're week has been amazing so far and it's going to be even better :) Mine has been pretty exhausting, I have a lot of work and I'm currently trying Teatoxing, but I'm not sure if it is a good idea or not.. I don't know if you've heard about…

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My favourite day of MBFWB

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin is always one of the highlights every season and as much as I'm looking forward to this event, I'm happy when it is over. Why? Because Fashion Weeks are not only exciting and fun, they are kind of exhausting and stressfull as well: you run from one show to the…

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Werde Teil von

Der Titel verrät es schon, heute wird der Blogalltag für ein ganz spezielles Thema unterbrochen. 2011 haben wir den deutschen Mode -und Fashionblog ist als Hobby gestartet und seit einem Jahr wird er nun professionell von uns betrieben. Wir haben in dieser kurzen Zeit eine tolle und schnelle Entwicklung gemacht. Doch unser Auftrag ist…

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Is it Friday yet? Since the weather was pretty awful at the beginning of the week, it luckily has changed and I can't wait to enjoy the sunshine OUTSIDE! Well, but for now I have two more days of work before it's the weekend. But what about a very summery outfit to sweeten the waiting…

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