It’s summer in Berlin, the most beautiful time of the year and there are so many things we can do during this time. Berlin has so much to offer, no matter if you want to spend your time outside or inside, no matter if you want to relax or to be active, no matter if you want to drink or eat or do both and so on.. the list is endless. There is ALMOST nothing you can’t do in Berlin, talking about things you can expect from a city. In the following I would like to tell you more about the things I enjoy doing during summer time in Berlin:

1. Spending the day on the lake

We have a lot lakes in Berlin and going for a swim isn’t the only thing you can do on these lakes. On same lakes you can rent small motor boats, canoes or rowboats as well. And what about a cold drink in an small café or restaurant? Well, all the different lakes have different activities to offer. When I was a child I used to spend my time on “Krumme Lanke” or “Schlachtensee”, because they are pretty close to the neighborhood where I grew up. Krumme Lanke hasn’t much to offer, there are no boats you can rent and no cafés or restaurants, but it’s a nice place. On Schlachtensee you can rent rowboats and there is a restaurant as well as a beer garden and even the train station with more restaurants and shops as well as cafés is nearby.

2.Cool down in an Outdoor Pool

But Berlin doesn’t only have nice lakes, Berlin has some really nice outdoor pools as well and it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for one where you can go with your whole family and kids or if you want to spend the days with your friends at a place without children and families. The Haubentaucher is one of the newest outdoor pools in Berlin. It’s a really nice place, you can cool down in the pool (well, it’s to small to go for a swim, but at least you can cool down), eat pretty nice stuff or have some cold and refreshing drinks as well as alcohol. I’ve been there only once so far, but I really enjoyed it. Another outdoor pool I really like is the Badeschiff, but it’s pretty crowded on hot days, so you have to go early to get a good place. If you don’t like these kind of town pools, you should go to one of the more family-friendly ones. I prefer the one in Wilmersdorf near the ice rink.

3.Bicycling through the city

You don’t want to lie by the pool or on a lake? You want to do sports? Well, what about bicycling through the city? Even if you don’t have your own bicycle you can rent one all over the city. There are some nice tours, where you can see all the places of interest just as the Brandenburger Gate or the Reichstag. And whenever you need a pause, you can stop off at one of the parks or near the water or somewhere in the city to have something to eat or drink in one of the restaurants or cafés.

4.Indoor Activities

Not everyone enjoys the heat, because heat in a city can be really exhausting and unenjoyable. If you want to go for a swim and cool down inside, what about a waterpark? Most of them have in- and outdoor areas and they’re soooo much fun, aren’t they? Don’t want to get wet? Don’t worry, there are plenty of things to do in Berlin. Cinemas are always air-conditioned, so they are the perfect option if need a cooling down and want to watch a nice movie at the same time.

5.Food and Drinks

Food and COLD drinks are always a good idea! After spending the day on a lake or by one of the town pools, it’s time for a delicious dinner and some cold drinks with friends. Do you want to sit outside or inside? Do you prefer Asian, German or Italian food? And do you want to enjoy the stunning view over the city? Doesn’t matter, because there is at least one restaurant, beer garden or bar, that’ll meet your requirements.