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Tag Archives: 06-2014

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Lacoste sales campaign at the shopping club vente-privee

As you already know I was in Paris about two weeks ago. I shared some pictures with you, but I couldn't tell you all the details about my short stay in this beautiful city. You've waited long enough, today I'll give you all the details :) Do you know vente-privee? If not you really have…

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Crop Top and Boyfriend Jeans

This post is part of the current Mood Week: Crop Top Last but not least: my fifth crop top combination, this time with a comfy boyfriend jeans. What can I say? It's the perfect look for almost every day. It's so comfy - even the heals are - so I could wear it all day…

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Another Crop Top

This post is part of the current Mood Week: Crop Top Because it's Mood Week I'm going to show you another Crop Top look! :) After the striped one, the simple one and the different one (ok not the crop top was different, but the look), you'll see a more chic and girly look today.…

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a different way to wear your crop top

This outfit is part of the current Mood Week: Crop Top A different way to wear your crop top? Just slip it over a dress, no matter if it's a short or long dress! :) I told you, you'll see the cropped top with a bare midriff, but I decided to show you this different…

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Sporty Crop Top Look

This post is part of the current Mood Week: Crop Top According to your comments, you really like the first Mood Week outfit, don't you? :) I hope you'll like the second look at least as much as you like the first one. Today I show you a sporty crop top look wearing a simple…

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The Striped Crop Top

This outfit is part of the current Mood Week: Crop Top Today starts a new Mood Week on This time it's all about the crop top, a garment which has become a key piece in the stores and of course our closets. There are a lot of ways how to wear a crop top:…

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My Warehouse Look

Warehouse gave me the chance to create my personal festival look and here it is: a mix of different styles :D I chose the girlfriend jeans, because of it's comfortableness, the cami, because it's light and airy, the leather jacket - well, do I really have to give you the reason ;) - and last…

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Summer Mode

Summer mode: ON! But unfortunately the weather isn't that pleasant. This June is more an April than a June.. I don't want to complain about the weather, but these daily weather changes are depressing.. hope the summer will come back soon! :) The day I wore this outfit was a summery day with lots of…

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