I’m sorry for the lak of posts, but we were on our way to Melbourne and didn’t have internet. I tried to keep you updated on Instagram and Facebook, have you already seen the pics we shot during our roadtrip to Melbourne? 🙂

Roadtrip to Melbourne

You might know that we first planned to travel from Sydney to Melbourne and up to Shark Bay, but we changed our plans about two weeks ago, so that I’ll go back to Sydney on Sunday. We started our little tour on Monday afternoon and drove to Canberra, Australia’s capital city. The next day we continued to Horsham, so that we could drive to the MacKenzie Falls on Wednesday morning. We spent a while at the MacKenzie Falls before our roadtrip to Melbourne continued. We stopped in Portland and drove the Great Ocean Road from Warmambool to Apollo Bay where we spent the night. Today (Thursday) we drove the rest of the Great Ocean Road.

About 3.000 km and three nights + days in a car we finally arrived in Melbourne. 🙂

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