I saw a lot of Australia’s landscape during our roadtrip from Sydney to Melbourne and now I really understand why Australia has a worldwide reputation as being one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I can’t wait to see the east coast and if it’s as beautiful as the west coast, especially the Great Ocean road. 🙂

Australia: the most beautiful place on earth

Did you know that Australia comprises a land area of about 7.692 million square kilometres? No wonder that you can find all kind of landscapes in this country, from desert to coastline. I haven’t seen the desert of Australia so far and I think I won’t see it during my three-month stay, but I’ve seen several beaches, mountains, national parks and much more. There weren’t a landscape I didn’t enjoy.

I’ve seen other beautiful places, places I really enjoyed and I would like to see again, but none of the countries I’ve seen so far can be compared with Australia. Australia, probably the most beautiful place on earth. I might haven’t seen all of this beautiful country, but I love the variety, all the different landscapes and the fact that you can find them all in only one country. Is there another country like Australia? If so, please let me know 😉

P.S.: The pictures were taken in Portland, near the harbour. 🙂

Simple Outfit, No Shoes

For this part of our roadtrip I chose a simple shorts and t-shirt outfit I topped off with this statement necklace I borrowed from Vanessa. It’s a simple outfit and I didn’t need shoes, because
1) it’s more comfortable to drive a long distance without wearing shoes 😉
2) I didn’t want to wear shoes
3) the ground was super soft

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