Good morning Germany, good evening Australia! I’m currently on my way to Melbourne, where I’ll probably arrive tomorrow. But before I’ll share pictures from our little road trip and of course from Melbourne, I thought it is time to share some touristic outfit pictures with you taken on Sydney Harbour Bridge last week. 🙂

Harbour Bridge Walk

There are two ways to cross the Harbour Bridge in Sydney: you can pay $150 or more and climb the bridge or you can walk the bridge and don’t have to pay at all. Well, if you want, you can visit the Pylon Lookout for $11. I would recommend to simply walk across the Harbour Bridge, because even this view is spectacular and I don’t think that the Bridge Climb is worth paying that much.. but I haven’t tried it, so I can’t say it with certainty. Anyways, I really enjoyed out Harbour Bridge Walk. 🙂

Mesh Jacket

Actually this beautiful Mesh Jacket isn’t mine, I borrowed it from Vanessa – this is the best part about travelling and staying together 😉 This jacket is the key garment of my look, even if I can’t tell you where it is from, because Vanessa bought it in a small store in China Town and this store doesn’t exist anymore. Anyways, let’s talk about this outfit: The mesh jacket was the key garment of this look and because of our Bridge Walk I needed a comfortable outfit, that’s why I chose a simple denim jeans, white top and white Chucks outfit I topped off with the mesh jacket. What do you think about it?

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Photos: Vanessa