Time to share the video of all four 4 Days 4 Ways looks. We had to film without our tripod, cause we simply had forgotten to bring it with us -.- Hope you’ll like it anyway 🙂 As it seems to become a custom I’ve included a funny outtake in the end 😉 Well… I tried to slide the rail while we were filming hahahahaha.

Enough about the video. Let’s talk about the four looks! Which one is your favourite? Or do you how two? Just let me know by clicking the little heart underneath the picture of the look(s) you like most 🙂 And if you want, you can leave me a comment and tell me why this look is your favourite one, what you like about it and maybe what you don’t like.

Look No. 1

Henry Cotton’s Sleeveless Trench

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Look No. 2

Henry Cotton's sleeveless trench coat

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Look No. 3

Marilyn Monroe situation

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Look No. 4

Fashionblog Berlin

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