Hey guys, it’s Luisa from schere leim papier again! Today it’s time for another easy-to-do selfmade fashion item. Summer is coming, the days get longer  and the weather gets hotter. Well, it’s time for tops, shorts, skirts… but instead of filling your wardrobe by buying new things, you can get it much cheaper by metamorphosing your old, unexciting garments in some beautiful unique pieces. For more DIY-tutorials visit me here:

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For this ethno top you just need an old tank top (ideally with one strap on the back), some textile ribbon with ethno print and needle and thread. First, remove the label from the neck.


Next, wrap the ribbon aorund the upper end of the back strap. Now you stitch it down with one seam next to the strap.


Fix the position of the upper end of the ribbon with some stitches. If your tank top doesn’t end with one stang on the backside, put the fabric together with some thread.


Wrap the ribbon around the whole strap and after each wrap, fix it with some stitches.


Lastly, you have to fix the end of the ribbon. Wrap it twice by leaving some space between strap und ribbon. Fix the ribbon with a seam beside the strap and cut off the rest of the ribbon. Done!

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