Blog Posts of the Week

It’s been a while, but last week I shared three new outfit posts again. I used to do that every week the past year but stopped in 2018 to focus on other things. But since we took many new outfit pictures, I had enough content to share, and I didn’t want to hold it back. The first outfit post was all about my new plaid trench coat; I will probably wear quite often this spring. In the second outfit posts, I talked about the belt bag trend and shared a casual chic outfit I was wearing on a busy day at the office. And last but not least I shared another one of my office outfits. This last outfit post was all about wide leg pants and a white sweater.

Other than that we started a new series on the blog: fashion news! We want to try something new and will share a new fashion news post every Friday for a month. The content of this series is all about things that happened the past week, such as new collections, announcements designers made etc.

Looks of the Week

The weather wasn’t nice all week, but we had a few sunny and balm days on which I could take some new outfit pictures. I knew that it wouldn’t be sunny and nice all week, so we shot several outfits on these nice days. Therefore I can share a few spring outfits with you today. And I will soon share all of them on the blog and add all the details you need to know.


What happened the past week

Yep, it was another week filled with work, and I spent a lot of time at the office. Even on the past weekend, I was working. Sunday was the best day of the past week; we had around 17°C and sunshine all day in Berlin. I went to my boxing class as every Sunday and met up with a friend afterwards to go walkies with our dogs.
The other highlights of the week were a networking event on Thursday and a lunch meeting on Friday. The event on Thursday was hosted by blogfoster, and we met up at Hard Rock Café in Berlin to have dinner together and to meet other bloggers and content creators in general. It was lovely to talk to others working in the same business, to exchange views and tips.
On Friday we met up with the PR of the Dave B. in Berlin again. Some of you might remember, that I was there about two weeks ago and I really liked it. The food was amazing and I also really liked the concept. It’s one restaurant with five different areas. Every area offers different food, so everyone can find something to eat. 🙂 We went there to take some nice pictures and, of course, to have lunch and enjoy the delicious food once again. You have to check it out when you are in Berlin (but it’s only open from Monday until Friday).


Series Recommendation

Yep, again I am sharing a series recommendation and this time it is Jessica Jones. I have been waiting for the second season since I finished the first one and I truly couldn’t wait. Well, it took them quite a while, but the second season is available – finally! And, of course, I had to watch it. If you haven’t seen season one yet, you shouldn’t wait any longer. And once you finished season one, continue with season two straight away! I won’t spoiler anything or tell you more about the story; you have to believe me when I say that Jessica Jones is worth a watch! It is such a great series!

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Jacky Fashion Blogger (@whaelse) am