Guys, the past days almost felt like summer in Berlin. Even though some days were still rainy and gloomy, we had up to 20°C every day, and I was wearing shorts or skirts almost every day without freezing. It feels great to walk around with bare legs and to feel the rays of the sunshine on my face – I really could get used to these temperatures. Can’t it be like this all year in Berlin?! x) Due to these days that almost feel like summer, I can share some summer outfits with you this week and probably the next week as well. We took advantage of the warmer temperatures and the sunshine and took some outfit pictures for you guys. Today I want to share the first one, the outfit I was wearing last Friday. I have to admit, that I was wearing a pair of jeans in the morning, but I had this white denim skirt at the office and changed my outfit around noon. It was simply too warm to wear jeans when the sun was at the zenith – of course, nothing to compare about. I didn’t mind changing my pair of jeans into a denim skirt! 😉

White Denim Skirt

I already told you, that I have a thing for skirts at the moment. You probably also already know, that I ordered a couple of styles and that I know have around ten skirts in my closet (I started with zero skirts at the end of the last year…). This white denim skirt is one of the newest finds, and I got it at Subdued here in Berlin. I already got this Subdued skirt in black and blue, so it’s not surprising at all that I got the white one as well as soon as I saw it 😉

striped Hoodie
3.1 Phillip Lim bag

I was wearing it on a busy day at the office, so first of all the outfit had to be very comfortable. Therefore I combined my new skirt with an oversized knit hoodie and my black Old Skool Vans. To add a little chic touch, I put on my new Celine sunglasses as well, and I hung my 3.1 Phillip Lim bag over my shoulder. As every day, I was also wearing my Pandora rings and my Jane Konig necklace – these are the pieces of jewellery I usually never leave our home without. 🙂 I am wearing them every single day because once you found something you like, keep it and wear it as often as possible. Does it make any sense to buy jewellery you like a lot and not to wear it? Even though it might seem boring to wear the same pieces of jewellery every day… don’t think of them this way, think of these pieces as your personal statement pieces everybody will associate you with.

One last thing before I will let you have a closer look at the pictures: looking at this outfit and the other ones I am sharing the next days, I realised, that there is such a difference between the outfits I wear when I’m on vacation and the ones I wear when I am home in Berlin. Is it the same with you? Do you dress up differently when you are on vacation and when you are home?

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