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I’m so happy it’s finally Friday! Only a couple of more hours at the office, trying to get as much work as possible done and then it’s time for a relaxed weekend. I’ll do nothing tonight, and I don’t want to do anything tomorrow. On Sunday I’ll probably shoot a couple of things with my sister, but that’s it. Apart from this, I don’t have any plans for the weekend. What about you? Will you be on the road all weekend or will you take it easy as well? 🙂

Last week I showed you one way to wear your favourite summer clothes even in autumn and winter. I showed you that you could wear your short dresses underneath a sweater and you guys liked this kind of outfit a lot. Today I want to show you another way to wear a summer dress in autumn and winter.

Velvet Dress over Jeans

When I visited the Subdued store last week, I was actually looking for a Christmas sweater, but then this black velvet dress caught my eye. Of course, I also found a nice Christmas sweater (I’ll show you soon as well), but I couldn’t resist and had to take this velvet dress as well. I mentioned before that I like the velvet trend a lot. I had only two velvet pieces in my wardrobe, and I wanted to buy a velvet dress for a long time. You can imagine, how happy I am about this find. 🙂 It’s black;

it’s velvet, and it’s a summer dress. Too bad it’s not summer in Berlin. It’s too cold outside to wear a summer dress right now, but luckily there are ways to wear your summer clothes in autumn and winter as well.

You can not only wear a summer dress underneath a cosy sweater, but you can also wear it on top of it. The other day I was wearing my new velvet dress over a pair of black jeans and a striped long sleeve. Of course, I had to wear a jacket as well, but I took it off for the pictures – as always at the moment. It wasn’t that cold outside, so I was totally okay with wearing no jacket for the time we were taking the pictures. I wanted to focus on the dress; that’s why I took the jacket off. It’s a pretty simple outfit, but the velvet dress makes it look more interesting, and it also adds a chic touch to this casual look. I chose my Gucci bag to match the velvet dress and make the outfit look even classier. The rest of the outfit is quite casual: comfy striped shirt from Subdued as well, black jeans from Zara and black boots from Marks & Spencer. These are all pieces I would wear every day no matter how busy my day is. 🙂

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