Happy Monday guys! Today Fashion Week in Berlin starts, so this week is going to be very busy! I won’t be able to share my latest looks and Fashion Week related content this week, that’s why I prepared a couple of posts. Even though I am having a very busy week, I want to share outfits that inspire you. If you want to see what I am doing during Fashion Week, you can follow me on Instagram. I will take you along via Instagram Stories and share my latest outfits. Here on the blog, you will find outfits from the past week as well as everything about my trip to Paris last week. Today I will start with a Fashion Week outfit I shot for VILA last week. VILA asked me to put together two outfits I would wear to the Fashion Week, and we took pictures of these two outfits last week already so that I can share one of them with you today 🙂

Two-Toned Denim and White Shirt

When it comes to putting together Fashion Week outfits, I am trying to keep it simple but interesting at the same time. To me, it is most important to feel comfortable and stay true to oneself. It doesn’t make any sense to masquerade and wear outfits you usually wouldn’t wear. You probably won’t feel comfortable in these outfits, and people will recognise that.

So when VILA asked me to put together two outfits, I knew I would keep it simple and stick to the basics. I chose one key piece for each outfit and combined it with basic pieces of clothing. The key piece of this outfit is the jeans. Jeans usually count as essential pieces, but in this case, it’s a piece of two-toned jeans. The two different tones make the jeans look more interesting, don’t they?

Fashionblog Berlin
High Heels with studs

I combined my new two-toned denim with a white shirt, black high heels and a black bag. I can’t remember the last time I was wearing high heels, but for the time we were taking pictures it was a great feeling. I know, I would feel different after wearing them for a couple of hours 😉 Fashion Weeks are usually the only occasion I wear high heels. I am tall without high heels already and definitely prefer wearing sneakers and boots, since they are way more comfortable. Additionally, it isn’t that easy to find nice looking and comfortable high heels in my size… Maybe I would wear high heels more often when I had some very nice pairs. But do they exist? Comfortable high heels? I actually doubt it, but if you prove otherwise, let me know what brand it is and if they have shoes in size 42 (EU size) 😉

I will leave you with this outfit for now. Today is the calmest day of Fashion Week, I only have two events in the evening and will spend the rest of the day at the office to get some work done before it is time to start the Fashion Week madness. From tomorrow on my schedule is way more busy and I won’t have a chance to do anything but Instagram – maybe I won’t even be able to keep you updated on Instagram, but I will try my best 🙂 Fashion Weeks get very busy sometimes and as much fun it is, as exhausting it is at the same time. But I will tell you more about this on Sunday. Have a lovely day guys. xx

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