Surfcore what? That’s right. This summer, it’s not just about simple swimwear; beach trends are strongly influenced by surfing.

To keep you up to date so you can experience all of the current trends, this blog post is all about the latest trends and styles of the Surfcore collection. Discover the most trendy wetsuits, sandals, and bags with us for your perfect beach look. Get inspired and become a fashion guru with Surfcore know-how!

Surfcore – What’s behind this trend?

What’s up with Surfcore actually? This new trend is taking over the beaches and bringing fresh air to the fashion world. It’s about creating a casual and sporty look that is both stylish and functional. Wetsuits, sneakers, sandals, and casual bags are the key pieces of this casual collection. The focus is on comfort and freedom of movement without sacrificing style. In times of fitness and outdoor activities, Surfcore is the perfect combination of athleticism and fashion consciousness. For those who want to wear the casual beach vibe off the waves, Surfcore is the ideal choice.

The right clothing for the Surfcore look

If you want to participate in this trend, you definitely need the right pieces for the Surfcore look. Clothing that is a mix of casual beachwear and sporty functionality is essential. Wetsuits, sporty swimsuits and bikinis, loose shirts and shorts, sandals, and sneakers are must-haves for your Surfcore look. You can also get inspiration from major fashion labels. Inspired by the Miu Miu collection, you could combine different textures and colors for an individual style. Generally, you can also get inspiration from the beach and the surfers themselves. If you look around the surfer beaches, especially in the water among the surfers, there are definitely some cool looks to be discovered here.

Accessories for the perfect Surfcore style

Once you have the base for your Surfcore look, the right accessories are a must-have to complete your outfit. From casual bags to cool shoes, with the right details, you give your style that certain something. Sandals, sneakers, and especially eye-catching flip-flops are just as important as trendy sunglasses or jewelry. When it comes to jewelry in the Surfcore trend, shells and flowers are back in fashion. The jewelry can also look like it was bought directly on the beach.

Surfcore in leisure time: How you can wear the look off the beach

You probably won’t be able to spend the entire summer at the beach – and if you do, we’re happy for you, of course. If most of your summer is spent in the city, here’s how to rock the casual Surfcore look outside the beach.

For a relaxed leisure look in Surfcore style, you can opt for casual sneakers or flip-flops. Swimsuits and bikinis can also be nicely combined with shorts and denim. Shell jewelry also fits well with a city outfit in Surfcore style. Otherwise, T-shirts with cool surfing prints are always a good choice.

In general, you can also choose clothing in colors that remind you of the sea or prints inspired by Surfcore.

Sustainability in Surfcore: Tips for eco-friendly fashion

With all the trends that pop up every season, we also want to create awareness for steps towards more sustainability. But how would this be possible with the new Surfcore trend, for example?

On the one hand, some swimwear brands focus on sustainable materials and ensure fair production conditions. So you can rock your Surfcore look and do something good for the environment. Furthermore, you can generally look for recycled fabrics, biodegradable materials, and fair working conditions in the collection when shopping. You can also look at second-hand vintage stores for suitable surfcore fashion styles.

Tips and tricks for beginners in the Surfcore style

The Surfcore style is nothing new. It has cropped up from time to time over the past few years, although not on a large scale. And surfers have been around for quite a while. If Surfcore has been unheard of to you and you can’t really imagine what could fit this style, start with classic swimwear. Just make sure that the styles are more sporty than playful. You can also look directly at wetsuits. These are available in various designs, including short and thin versions for the summer. Some brands specialize in this and have some pieces that are suitable not only for surfing but also for a day at the beach.

Currently, you should be able to find T-shirts and shorts with cool prints and suitable colors in almost all shops, whether designer or fast fashion, as well as second-hand and vintage stores. Here, you will definitely be able to find some suitable accessories to complete the Surfcore look.

Always top styled at the beach with Surfcore

The best thing about the Surfcore look is that you are always well-dressed, whether you want to go surfing or just chill at the beach. But the Surfcore trend can also be easily transformed for the city. Either way, your outfit will not only exude summer but also bring the casualness of surfing with it. We love the trend and have been wearing it diligently; how about you?