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As I promised yesterday, this week I am sharing everything about the trip to Paris last week. But before I tell you more about the Havaianas party – the reason I flew over to Paris – I want to share the outfit I was wearing on our arrival day. We arrived quite early in the morning and had some hours to walk through the streets of Paris before the party in the evening. Unfortunately, this is the only outfit we took pictures of because we didn’t have enough time to shoot my outfit for the party in the evening and on the departure day it was too hectic as well. I had to work in the morning, pack my stuff, eat breakfast and then it was already time to head to the airport. Our flight was at 2 pm, so we left Paris around noon. But at least I have these outfit pictures I can share with you even though it wasn’t easy to take them. It was a little bit rainy in Paris that day, and every time we wanted to take outfit pictures it started raining again… when we arrived at this location – one of my favourites in Paris – it was drizzled a little bit only, so we wanted to give it a try. It worked quite well; the only problem was to find the right focus. But as you can see, we managed to take enough pictures to create a blog post 😉

Black and White in Paris

Whenever I travel to Paris, I try to adapt the Paris-style a little bit. I usually choose colours such as black and white and, of course, stripes must not be missed. I always create kind of casual chic outfits, outfits I feel very comfortable in. The one I was wearing on our arrival day is such an outfit.

I would wear it in Berlin as well, but I think it works so much better in Paris. It would be a little bit more Berlin if I would wear white sneakers instead of the mule sandals. But I didn’t put this outfit together for a day in Berlin, I put it together for a day in Paris, and that’s why I was wearing mule sandals and not sneakers.

The shoes are only one tiny part of the whole outfit, so let’s get to the rest of it. That day I was wearing a pair of black pants, which are not only super comfortable but also look very chic when combined with matching pieces such as the blazer I chose. But I didn’t want this outfit to look too chic, that’s why I topped everything off with the oversized striped shirt I bought at Zara the other day. This shirt combines two things: oversize and stripes. And you know how much I like these two things 😉 I was also wearing one of the Maison Heroine bags I am currently testing, my favourite round sunglasses from Ray Ban and, of course, the pieces of jewellery I am wearing every single day.

It actually is an outfit I would also wear for Fashion Week here in Berlin, but I already wore it last week and can’t wear it this week again 😉 Well, I could, but it would be boring to share the same outfit twice, wouldn’t it? But since I wanted to share everything about Paris this week and since I am also sharing some outfits I would wear to Fashion Week here in Berlin, I thought it would be appropriate. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. xx

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