I hate the fact that it’s winter and that it is getting colder from day to day. I’ve never been a winter person. I can’t sky, I can’t snowboard, and I don’t like snowball fights… so there’s no reason for me to like winter. x) Speaking of which, the cold weather made it almost impossible to shoot this look without a jacket. But once again I wanted to focus on an item that’s not my jacket. Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think:

Tassel Poncho

First of all: I finally got a hat in brown! It was one of the top things on my wishlist, and now I can finally tick it off. Second: I’m in love with this tassel poncho. Isn’t it beautiful? 🙂 I’m actually not quite a fan of capes and ponchos. Of course, there are some pretty nice styles out there, but I couldn’t find one that stand up. Until now. Do You want to know why this one could convince me to buy a poncho? Well, I really like the colour mix and the tassels plus it’s super warm.

The day I was wearing my new poncho for the first time was last Saturday. We spent the day in the city because we had to buy some Christmas gifts and other stuff. It was probably the worst idea to do it on a Saturday, it was way to crowded, and I canceled our shopping trip after an hour x) So we went back home, watched football and went out for dinner instead. 🙂 It was the best idea to cancel Christmas shopping even if I still have to buy some Christmas gifts. I already told you I’ll probably buy them last minute on the 24th of December…

Fashionblog Berlin Tassel Poncho Black and White Fashion Photography Mall of Berlin Beige Hat Pilgrim Necklaces Berlin Poncho-22

I love this area in my neighbourhood. You’ve probably already seen some outfit posts we shot here. 🙂

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